Ponderings....What I believe about Mission, Vision, Purpose and Calling

Yesterday's ponderings left me with "what do I believe about mission, vision, purpose and calling?" I know there's a difference, but what is it?

- Mission is what I'm going to do "period-the-end." It has nothing to do with money or position. Mission doesn't change without a life changing event. Mission, along with values, is one's core ideology.

- Vision is my desires, plans and goals. It is "where I see myself in 'x' days, months or years." Vision can change.

- Purpose is how I am to serve God's plan for me. I serve God's purpose through faith. As a follower of Christ (a Christian) my life has purpose, the work I do has purpose, beyond just being happy and making money. It is with this purpose I serve His plan. I don't always have a good grip on the plan, but I know I'm to serve Him through His purpose.

- Calling is how "I'm called according to God's purpose." Calling is what I do individually to fit into God's purpose.

Pondering these this morning have led me to really realize that two can be easily summerized, two not.

Lord, what other questions do I need to ponder, to clarify? Not necessarily the answers right now, but what questions?

To that end..........I pray I truly come to understand my purpose and my calling, few do.

Ponderings....what do I believe about work, God and certain matters

Pondering.......What do I believe about work, God and certain matters? What questions do I have?

Ramblings -

- work is not always easy and many times hard

- sometimes it's very fulfilling, sometimes not

- God made humans to work

- God gave us authority over the earth

- God was working when He made the Heavens, Earth, man, woman, animals, things that crawl and things that swim, things that fly

When the song's over, then I'll shoot him

For where two or more are gathered together
in My name, I am there in their midst"
- Jesus in Mathew 18:20
Yesterday I was surrounded by kids and grandkids, laughter and swelled bellies. It was great. Love was abounding and I thought again "what if everyday were like Christmas?" There'd be more love and peace shown between all of us, even adversaries. I know, not every where, but there is for those connected a certain way.
Here is a story that displays that connection. A love, a peace, that only comes from a connection with the Holy Spirit. Whether we're at work, or play, home, or on the road..."where two or more come together in My name...
Ira Sankey provided the music for D. L. Moody's evangelistic meetings. One night after singing a solo called 'The Shepherd's Song' a stranger asked him, 'Did you serve in the Union Army?' When he said he had, the man asked, 'Were you on picket duty one bright moonlit night in1862?' When Sankey said yes, the man continued: 'Me too. But I was in the Confederate Army, and when I saw you I decided to kill you. Then you started singing that song, so I took my finger off the trigger, thinking, 'I'll let him sing then I'll shoot him.' But you stirred up so many childhood memories of my Godly mother that it was impossible for me to follow through. That night when I thought of the God who saved you from certain death, my arm went limp.'  (as told by  Tim Hetzer, President of Lutheran Church Charities)

Elvis Presley, What If Every Day Was Like Christmas?

"..what if everyday were like Christmas,
why can't that feeling go on everyday?

Yes...what a wonderful world that would be!..."

Many around the world don't know what this feeling is like, but it's likely that those reading this do...... Christmas-time, has a certain feeling.

Everyday would be something like this;

A Baby's Hug

From an Anonymous author…..

A Baby's Hug ~

We were the only family with children in the restaurant.

I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter

And his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment.

Communication Connection by Guest Blogger Gary Seale

Welcome Guest Blogger, Gary Seale. This is a post Gary wrote for this blog in early 2011. Since then it has had 2,165 hits and is the #1 out of over 48,000 hits to this blog. You can read more on what Gary has to say about communicationa and sales at Sales Team Improvement.

Gary provides sales outsourcing services and is the author of the book Business Principles from Proverbs.


Recently I have been reading a John Maxwell book called “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” One of Maxwell’s premises is that we have to know our audience and their level of understanding to truly communicate. It is all too easy to deliver information on our level of comfort and miss the intended audience all together.

Simply doing work in love

There may be no better way to love your neighbor, whether you
are writing parking tickets, software, or books, than to simply do
your work. But only skillful, competent work will do.
- Tim Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf
in "Every Good Endeavor"

God tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. How well do we love ourselves? Can we love ourselves well if we don't do our work well? If we just do what it takes to get by? What happens to our own self esteem, what we think about ourselves, what we say to ourselves, if we aren't doing a good job?

Love. Love and work.

The two are connected, blended somehow. When we decide to do each task well, to the best our abilities, and to increase those abilities, a since of satisfaction occurs. When we treat each job as if called-to-it-by-Him-to-do-it-well something changes.

A hole begins filling.

God calls His people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and equips His people to spread His word as we go about. Much of this going about is serving others through our work.

For most of us, this is the most we can do; serve others through doing work well. Then we start loving ourselves more, and loving others becomes part of what happens.

And it brings Him glory.

To that end........ 

Regurgitation can be good

Sometimes you just can't be original, and that's ok. Today, I'm hung up in Swindol's commentary on Nehemiah, Hand Me Another Brick and Maxwell's Law of Navigation.

Same subject. Recognition of a problem, praying, reflecting, planning, re-purposing, pursuing.

There are some problems we just take a deep breath and do our best to FIDO (forget it drive on). Other problems seem too familiar and we know we've been here before. These are times we don't need to waste the struggle.

Instead, don't just sail the ship....chart a better course.

To that end.......

Margins for problems

Margins are the space needed to stay sane.

Sometimes it's not enough to just not add something else to your plate. Sometimes what's already there grows and you have to stop doing something you're already doing.

Confusion, frustration and quit will set in otherwise. Margins. Evaluation. Correction.

I was asked recently, what law of leadership is most important to me financially, and how? Instantly I thought of my current favorite (besides the other 20) - The Law of the Lid.

How? Right out of the book -
  • People Skills
  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Vision
  • Results
Plus - margins. Margins in the day for unexpected problems that must be dealt with, time to pause and reflect, evaluate and correct, time to just pay attention.

It's been formulating for a few weeks, but around midnight last night I realized that I need more margins early in the day. No commitments except to myself and God to come to my desk and pay attention.

I love what and how questions.

To that end..........


Mortgage Rates Commentary: 12/12/12

Summary: the Federal Reserve announced that interest rates will stay low until the unemployment falls to 6.5%. They furtheris going to buy mortgage backed securities causing rates to remain low or possibly move a little lower. Upward pressure is not present at this time, although it is always best to remember we're dealing with the monetary markets and there are other international events that can trigger upward rates.

The choice is not whether to choose a job or ministry

Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever
situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them.
This is the rule I lay down in all the churches.

- 1 Coorinthians 7:17 (NIV)

I get a little twisted when talking to someone and they seperate work from ministry as if they must make a choice between the two. The twist gets tighter if the discussion turns to one's "calling." The Bible tells us much less about being called specifically to positions in vocational ministry than it does "ordinary" work. What the Bible does tell us is -

What does that have to do with anything?

Me: you don't like the way things are going?

Him: no.

Me: what are you doing to change?

Him: I don't know.

Me: how much do you read?

Him: I don't like to read.

Me What does that have to do with anything?

Think....past the moment...pause...think...again..

Slow moving body, rapid mind this morning; worked late again last night. desk a mess from yesterday (cluttered), a pile of work (thankfully), thoughts bouncing like a steal marble in a pin-ball machine....and then I thought about this bumper sticker.

Think....it's not illegal yet. Thank you Lord!

Pause, reflect....get focused....clean clutter...start the day with intention.

Be intentional.

What's important? Service to existing business FIRST. Pay attention to where business is coming from. Where's the passion? Understand it. Where's the connections? Who am I connecting with that is also connecting with me?

I'm learning that in order to start the day with intentionality I need to pause and reflect a bit of the mornings also.

To that end...give me my daily bread.

You are a product of your environment - period. The end.

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment
that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyz your life in
terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping your
toward success - or are they holding you back?
- W. Clement Stone

Are we products of our environment? Yes. It is a profound law and if we don't like the product, then we change the environment.

John C. Maxwell, in his book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth," tells the reader that in order to change to..............

Assess your personal-growth needs in the three main areas (pages 99-100) -

1. The right soil to grow in: What nurishes me? Growth

2. The right air to breath in: What keeps me alive? Purpose

3. The right climate to live in: What sustains me? People

Are you changing? Yes. Are you changing purposefully? Zig Ziglar was the first I heard say "you'll be the same 5 years from today, as you are today, except for what you listen to, what you read and who you associate with."

Change your environment and grow.

To that end....

Process it process it process it process it - #LawofConsistency

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a learner
is to cultivate the ability to value and enjoy the process of
growth. It is going to take a long time, so you might
as well enjoy the journey - John C. Maxwell

It's a process
Life is a process
Cultivate your process
Learn to enjoy your process
Re-engage daily in your process
Engage consistently in your process
Fail forward back again into your process
Robustly evaluate and correct your daily process
Growth is best when thought of as a consistent process
Consistently process it process it process it process it process

What if work was more about making you holy, than happy

There is no better starting point for a meaningful work life
than a firm grasp of this balanced work and rest theology.
in "Every Good Endeavor"

Have someone said something that caused a serious pause in your step? That happened to me 3 years ago when I heard Tim Keller say.........."if you don't have a good balance between your work and rest you don't have good understanding of the doctrine of work." The part of the brain that stores knowledge is said to be a different part than the part that controls behavior. Maybe I already knew this thing about work and rest, but the behavior wasn't always there. At least not as it pertained to the doctrine of work. When there was rest, there seemed to be guilt.

Tim Hawks said recently, tongue-in-cheek, "we're a nation of healthy individuals because we have all the facts. We know what we should eat, or not. We know the optimal time to exercise, the correct heart rate for our age, etc etc etc." (my paraphrase)

Maxwell refers to the "knowledge gap between knowing and growing." Blanchard the "know-can-do." It takes practice.......practicing the knowledge.

Prayerfully this workaholic/knowledgaholic, is changing by learning to practice the behaviors of work and rest, the behaviors of what I know, and maybe then learn some more (?).

To that end.............

 - for more on God and work ponderings, go to http://godandworkmatters.blogspot.com/

It's a great day - Thanks Zig!

If you want things to be different,
then you have to start doing different things
- Zig Ziglar

In September 1991 I was in the Hosier Dome with 50,000 other Amway reps at an event called Free Enterprise. You knew who had gotten there early because they had the seats up close. Me.......I was in the nose-bleed section under the very top rafter.

Those on stage were pretty small and this was before the big screens! Yet, when Zig came out on stage he looked right straight at me, pointed his finger and said

If you want things to be different, then
you have to start doing different things!

His first suggestion was to answer the phone, every time, by saying

"It's a GREAT DAY, this is Zig Ziglar!"
Of course he suggested we use our own name! ziy Saturday morning and I thought about answering the phone this way the rest of the weekend.

Monday morning though......I couldn't get it out. I just couldn't say it. Finally, after trying it over and over, I answered the phone on Thursday and said "it's a great day Danny Smith." (Close enough) It wasn't so bad except Charles Bridges, who I shared an office with and had been setting next to me in Hoosier Dome, laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair. He had no idea I had been trying to answer the phone this way.

This wasn't me, totally out of character, but I wanted to change some things and Zig said I need to do something different.

That was over 20 years ago and it's rare I don't answer the phone "it's a GREAT Day Danny Smith."

Thanks Zig.

Ponder this - all work has dignity

All work has dignity because it reflects God's image in us,
and also because the material creation we are called to care for its good
- Tim Keller

I have some interesting conflict going on inside me this morning. I say interesting because, in one sense, it's like I want there to be conflict but I'm not sure I have any.

Here are the issues -

1. I believe all work has dignity and not just from a "I have an opinion point-of-view." I've studied the subject for over 20 years, read 3-4,000 pages about God and His purposing of work. There's no doubt in my heart or head.

2. I'm introducing a friend of my this morning at a breakfast club. Larry Megason is the Executive Director of Restore-A-Voice (RAV). RAV is a non-profit dedicated to helping minors and women rescued from trafficing (prostitution). Larry is speaking to MBC about RAV and the problem this non- profit is addressing here in Austin, Texas; human trafficking of women and minor girls.

So, I repeat..........all work has dignity.

To that end............surely there's a conflict.

Ponder this - Do you know why you want to do what you want to do?

Do you know why you want to do what you would like to do?
This is the motives question - John C. Maxwell in
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

I enjoy repeating some things. A good book is one of them. A discussion about a good book is like adding a creamy frosting to an already delicious cake. A discussion with an engaging individuals is like adding Blue Bell Moolinium ice cream.

Live from the Hurdie Burk Radio Network: Lloyd Leblanc, The Golf Zen

Everything rises and falls on leadership, even golf

Lloyd reminds us that golf is a game and needs to be fun. When it stops being fun, stress creeps in, muscles tighten and it becomes less fun.

Click here to listen to Hurdie's interview with Lloyd Leblanc. Lloyd's website is www.GolfZen.net and here are a few pointers (not just golf) I picked up from Lloyd -

More graves than homes, but still gave thanks

The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. 
No Americans have been more impoverished than these
who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving
- H. U. Westermayer

I'm thankful for a lot of things and people. I'm thankful for God sending His Son to live, die and be resurrected. I'm thankful for Him choosing me. I'm thankful for Him going to the Father to prepare a place for those who believe in Him. I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit nudging, pushing and pulling me.

I'm thankful for family, friends, business acquaintances, opportunities, passion and Grace. I'm thankful for the desire to never stop learning, to grow with Christ and have the room to fall down but get up again, and again, and again. I'm thankful that tomorrow is a chapter that's behind me and today I can start writing my story again.

Influencer! - Juli Carter with PuroClean

Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less

Juli Carter is in Business Development with PuroClean Property Damage Specialist and is one of the best "connectors" I've ever encountered. I've only been around Juli 6 or 8 times over the last few months but every time I walk away impressed with her interest in people and connecting people to people.

Live from the Hurdie Burk Radio Network: Austen Smith, Mortgage Loan Officer

Leadership ability is the lid that determines a person's
level of effectivemess - John C. Maxwell

Going on a live radio show for the first time will cause anyone to stretch a bit. Thanks Hurdie for raising Austen's lid!

Click here to listen to Hurdie's interview with Austen.

Austen is a bit of a different type loan officer. As a licensed mortgage broker and a Certified Mortgage Planner he provides his client options not found through normal mortgage channels.

I love what he says - "there's a difference in planning for a mortgage and just shopping for rates."

More about Austen and the Impact he makes can be found at www.MortgageMattersDaily.com.


Removing clutter by raising the lid

The clutter rushed in late yesterday. Actually, it snuck in and slapped me. Some things I'd rushed on 2 weeks ago started coming apart, I overbooked myself late in the day (knowing I was doing so) and when I finally decided to shut down last night my desk was a mess.

Maybe that's the way I just function.


I'm more energized when the clutter is gone, when I'm creating (which seems a bit natural) and cleaning.

I woke this morning thinking how much of a "lid" this is to my ability to really get things done. Reflecting back over the past few days I not just accept, but understand, Maxwell's Law of the Lid. The way I act sometimes you'd think I was Hurdie Burk and had a double! And I don't...dang.

Today's "to-be" list: keep fighting to remove clutter from my desk, my desktop (just thought about what a mess that is), my calendar and my need to keep working in my weaknesses.

And pay attention to Cathy when she says "focus. Hey! FOCUS."

To that end....I pray "Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and bring others along side me that can fill those gaps that can be filled, give me the courage, strength and energy to make a positive impact where I can, and wisdom and discernment to know the diference. Please Lord, give me my daily bread, living not just one-day-at-a-time, that can be too long, but one moment-at-a-time, putting one foot in front of another - trusting you with each step. Amen"

Ha! Another realization - I've got Someone better than a double!


What-could-be can become the new-what-is

People are anxious to improve circumstances, but unwilling
to improve themselves. Therefore they remain bound.
- James Allen in As a Man Thinkth

I was referring Scott Carely and his time management training/coaching to a colleague (Rick) and Rick made a comment about managing emails. He was a bit frustrated about the way his team managed their emails. Later I was telling Scott about the conversation and he commented...yea, the

#1 Time Management distraction: Checking your email first thing
in the morning before you plan your day! 
ALWAYS plan your day around your priorities, not your email.

That was two days ago and I've noticed so much clutter (what-is) because of the way I manage my emails. Yesterday was a good day, less clutter, but "what-is" (email rhetoric) kept yesterday from being "what-could-have-been."

To that end..................today, I'm closing a timing gap by managing email. And I what-could-be becomes a NEW-WHAT-IS! One, bite, at, a, time.

Scott, thanks for the impromptu coaching on Commanding My Daily Routine - I needed that!

What-is vs what-could-be

Your environment will drain or energize your impact on today

I reflect on "what-is", and wonder about "what-could-be." What-is: I have a lot of ideas and lot's of things going on and lot's I want to do each day. What-could-be: making a bigger difference and making money doing it and being less stressed in the process.

Yesterday I did a better than normal job of focusing. That was due primarily to

1. cleaning up some clutter on and around my desk,
2. working at not creating more and
3. very purposefully working my calendar; not just yesterday's, but today, tomorrow and the rest of the month

I recognized (a little help from the Holy Spirit I'm sure) that what should be done on a regular basis might get done with more impact if I'd just go ahead and schedule it. Little recurring events like - reviewing calendar the night before, writing blog posts, walking Bubba, inputting new names into CRM, social media, follow-up with recent face-to-face contacts, returning emails that are non-active client related, etc, etc, etc. That also includes those events that have a direct impact on my income; reviewing loan files!

Scheduling plenty of margins in my calendar is important to my positive impact also.

Thanks to Coach Scott Carley for that reminder about "planning your day with your calendar before reviewing emails." Thanks Scott.

So, I spent time on that last night and hopefully have less clutter today. Thus, a more energizing environment to work in today and what-could-be could happen!

To that end.............blessings and influence well today.


Cleaning the clutter

Don't just have a to-do list, have a to-be list also
- Melissa Malueg, Faculty Member
w/John Maxwell Team

Last week I had a good list of things I wanted to get done. I wrote them down, had my calendar in great order and when all was said and done, when the week was over..........I looked back and many were left un-done. Others did, but some that didn't were important. The here-kitty-kitty-kiity syndrome impacted part of it, but I KNOW that is going to happen. What happened? The question-behind-the-question is "what could I have done to completed the important items on my list?"

Setting here this Monday morning, I know I'll get side-tracked. I already have.

If Cathy was in the room and detected I was wandering she'd remind me - focus. That's all she has to say - focus. FOcus. FOCUS (sometimes louder than others). Austen's even picked-up on it!

So, what keeps me from focusing? One of many things is Clutter. On Saturday I was listening to a Q&A session on the Law of the Lid and Melissa Malueg talked about how clutter keeps her from getting things done.

Thus, I'm raising my lid this week by -

- Cleaning up clutter

This gives me room to be more creative and create more clutter.

To that end..........what clutter is keeping you from what you want "to be?"

Election Results

I'm up and leaving for a very early breakfast meeting at Austin's Metropolitan Breakfast club. Today I'll interact with many sad and then other (many) elated people about yesterday's election.

Polarized is the word being used to describe our country; polarized.

My friend Steve Heston speaks to my heavy heart well.....read here

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason

At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance.
The results should either applaud you or prod you. - Jom Rohn

Yesterday around 6pm this blog had 42 hits and I don't know why. Looking back at posts to Tweeter, Facebook and Linkedin and I see there were no new posts around that time.

A bit before 6pm I did get an email from a borrower refered to me by REALTOR® Cynthia Mattiza (@CynthiaMattiza) and that could have caused some activity, but probably not 42 pageviews.

Whatever the reason, I like the activity, thanks Cynthia for the referral and I'm wondering why I didn't have any social posts going out during one of the two peak periods of the day!

To that end..........go VOTE! (even if you're not for my candidate)

Live from the Hurdie Burk Radio Network: Sales Trainer Kerry Martin-Moore

The very essence of all power to influence lies in
getting the other person to participate
- Harry A. Overstreet

Kerry Martin-Moore was Hurdie's guest last week on the Hurdie Burk Radio Network.

Kerry's goal is to "help you succeed yours!" and you'll get some great insight to how she does that by listening and paying attention to this audio.

To that end............make it a great week!

Looking in, out and up: made for stewardship

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear
fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can
you bear fruit unless you remain in me.
- John 15:4

I'm attending a mastermind group focused on John Maxwell's new book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. John Griffin, a Maxwell certified coach and trainer, is leading the study and gave us an assignment to bring 2 questions about the Law of Curiosity to the next meeting. While these 7 weeks together doesn't give us time to do more than hit the top-of-the-waves, the book and Griffin's poking has caused me to dig, as I was hoping. Yet, I wasn't necessarily expecting the digging to be in regards to work.

Click here to continue reading....

Being Bias in a discussion leads to an arguement

I asked Cathy her opinion of something, she gave it to me, I asked it a different way and gave her a comparision, she stayed with her original statement, I got frustrated and an arguement developed.

Thinking back through the dialog, I wasn't soliciting advice, but was trying to solicit MY answer. I wanted her to validate MY feelings about the subject and and then I wouldn't have to present an issue to someone esle.

She wasn't buying it. She wasn't going to lie to me and thankfully she was willing to stand up and not back away.

My lesson? If I don't want to hear the answer, don't ask the question.

And the feelings I was trying to validate, the issue I was willing to argue with Cathy instead of someone else? Ha. They were stupid to begin with.

To that end....

Dang...I wish I'd said this online first!!!

It's not about what you get out of it. It's about the opportunity
 it affords you to give others and make an impact.
- Michael Hyatt
Read that quote again...
It's not about what you get out of it. It's about the opportunity
it affords you to give others and make an impact. - Michael Hyatt
Michael is talking about Twitter. On a regular basis people tell me they don't get anything "out of Twitter."
It happened Monday morning. Two people (they were seeking advice on networking) told me they "didn't do Twitter." The questions I asked lead to an evaluation of where they're at and what my experience shows they could do to have more impact. Marketing for most sales people includes networking. Networking, to have the greatest LASTING impact, must include social media. Social media is about influencing.

Influencing is leadership.
Business rises and falls on leadership. Businesses want to hire leaders. People want to do business with leaders. I want to buy from leaders.
Read Hyatt's take on this important tool...click here.
To that end.........

Stay connected to your confusion..

Stay connected to your confusion and discover your why.
Most people let confusion lead to frustration and then they
quit. Move from confusion to discovery and curiosity.
Explore. - Paul Martinelli

I've been frustrated recently about a large part of my marketing strategy. The marketing piece itself is likely an income stream. Meaning, I could be charging for my coaching and training. Instead, I use the coaching and training to add value to others and draw attention to my mortgage business.

The frustration has been more about "confusion that leads to frustration." I realized this during a call with Paul Martinelli last week. He said

Stay connected
to your confusion
and discover your why. Get creative.
Don't let confusion turn to frustration.
If you do, you'll quit.
Stay connected to your confusion,
move to discovery and curiosity.
Get creative. Explore. Discover your why.


To that end........Bless you Paul.

Being a perfectionist is hampering your bank deposits

A mistake is simply another way of doing things
- Warren Bennis (as quoted in
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
by John C. Maxwell)
This week I'm speaking at BLASTT on the subject of Marketing Roadblocks. While preparing for the talk I thought about a post I shared last November titled  7 Reasons to Stop Being a Perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is one of those roadblocks.

Here's the list (and please let me know if you know the author of this list)...
  1. Perfectionism causes procrastination
  2. You get caught up in the details
  3. Perfectionism doesn't allow you to be yourself
  4. Perfectionism set you up to need others' approval
  5. Perfectionism causes you to be in a constant state of stress, because you’re always trying to meet your perfect standards
  6. Perfectionism stops you from taking a risk
  7. Perfectionism stops you from picking up the phone

Smart Marketers Lead Themselves With Processes

Systems permit ordinary people to achienve extraordinary results predictbly.
- Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth

With this quote from Mr. Gerber, I'll use John Maxwell to further explain "systems" -
A system is a process for predictably achieving a goal base on specific,
orderly, repeatable principles and practices. Systems leverage your
time, money, and abilities......Systems are deliberate, intentional, and
practical...They improve your performance.
- John Maxwell in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

I can't control when, where and how some one responds to my marketing efforts. I can control what I do to follow-up with people using various low cost methods and tools to stay in contact with people after meeting them.

To that end..........be extraordinary

PS....Need help identifying and overcoming your markeing Roadblocks? See BLASTT Event and Webinar announcement on right tool bar

Elevator Pitches. Really?

No one ever bought anything on an elevator
- Set Godin

Wow. They say you can't judge a book by its cover but you can sure judge some blog posts by the title. Especially Seth Godin's.

I received an email from him with the title No one ever bought anything on an elevator and I KNEW EXACTLY what it would say.

Elevator pitches. Really....How much should you really say in such a short time? What should happen with an "elevator pitch?" What should be the results of an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch should cause the hearer to want to know more. After you've given your pitch, the next "thing" said by the other person, the person hearing your "pitch," is a question.

If you said your say correctly, they should ask you a question.

To clarify....if you've said your elevator pitch correctly, you'll be asked a question.

Read Seth's blog post.

To that end........

PS....Need help identifying and overcoming your markeing Roadblocks? See BLASTT Event and Webinar announcement on right tool bar.

CBLG Spotlight: Dale Miller

We spotlighted Dale Miller with Austin Fine Floors at CBLG yesterday.

photo courtesy of Photography By Chavez

Thanks Dale. I've known you for 1 1/2 years and continue to be amazed at how well you stay engaged in building relationships.

Dale has been building his business for over 20 years through meeting and talking to people. When Dale walks into a restaurant he'll stop, look around and find someone he knows to go say HI to. The pure fact that he rarely doesn't recognize someone is a testament to how well he builds relationships.

And he doesn't just say HI. He asks questions..............listens.

Thanks Dale for being in the spotlight last yesterday, and thanks to Gene Chavez for the great photography.


Live from the Hurdie Burk Radio Network: Scott Carley

You will never change your life until
you change something you do daily
- John Maxwell

Get your pen and paper ready. Hurdie Burke has gotten Scott Carley to give away some trade secrets. These two guys will help you know with the "what-to-do-next" and make bigger deposit checks.

Except for the part about "selling your books," this is a great audio!

To that end..............Make it a great day!

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Scott Carley
Hurdie Burke

Accountability and Marketing: Assessing

The Blind Spot - an area in the lives of people in which
 they continually do not see themselves or their situation
 realistically. This unawareness often causes great
damage to the people and those around them.
In QBQ, John Miller talks about asking groups "what's the one thing you would change to improve the effectiveness of your organization?" He says they usually come out with a list of "Ps": Products, Promotions, Policies, Processes, Procedures, Pricing and People.

Change that to "what's the one thing I can change to improve the effectiveness of my marketing?"

Blogs Are The New Websites............Still

To that end............
Need a good conversation starter? Try this -
an you believe Danny Smith is quoting 3.375% 30 Year Fixed Rate mortgages?"

Accountability and Marketing: What do I do next?

Remember: the answer is in the questions
-John G. Miller on accountability
author of QBQ, @QBQGuy
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I had the pleasure of having lunch with Jason Alba last year. Jason is the bestselling author of "I'm on LinkedIn, Now What?"  Jason's success with his book and coaching is directly attributed to the question"what do I do next?"

What do I do next? That's a great question and the answer includes "that depends."

Do you struggle with what to do next? There are so many things we can do to attract attention (hint..marketing is all about attracting attention). My own struggles and experiences (not opinions) leads to this recommendation -

Don't Make It Complicated

Hi Impact, Low Cost Strategies, Actions and Results absolutely requires (absolutely requires) that you NOT complicate matters, and execute.

Many Small Business Owners have all kinds of ideas about how to market their products and services. Their challenge, problem, is putting feet to the thoughts.

Doug is such a person. Doug owns a carpeting company. He networks with people every week, doesn't hesitate to pick up the phone and will call on businesses and homeowners without a second thought.

Congratulations to Realtor Wayne Clark

Congratulations to Realtor Wayne Clark for winning the "Like-Impact-Mortgage's-Page" drawing.
Wayne has won a Free spot in a John Maxwell Mastermind Group led by Maxwell Certified Coach John Griffin. This Mastermind Group is on the book "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John Maxwell and the first lesson will be taught live by Maxwell.
Thanks Wayne for LIKING our Facebook page!
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Accountability and Marketing: Part 2

"Why is this happening to me?" is a "bad" question
- John G. Miller on accountability
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Struggling with stress I went to a Bible study in 1990 on "Your Work Matters to God." Doug Sherman, in the video we were watching, talked about how stress can be good for me and I would have walked out if I hadn't been at the the far end of a packed-out room.
Philosophers since Socrates have argued about what man is really seeking. Most have settled with "joy." Me, it's "not-to-be-stressed." I guess Joy comes from not being stressed.
A few years ago John G. Miller, in QBQ, brought to my attention this question: "Why is this happening to me?" Not just the question, but the impact of asking, even feeling, the question - Victim Thinking.
My original read of QBQ didn't give me the full perspective of this particular question but the book did influence me enough that I had the QBQ principles taught to 80+ employees in our company. I participated in many of those QBQ sessions 5 years ago and have continued to practice the principles. Learning to practice Ownership Thinking is huge.

Accountability and Marketing: Part 1

What can I do to make a difference?
- John G. Miller on accountability
author of QBQ (@QBQGuy)

Meeting people is a large marketing piece for most readers of this blog. Shaking hands and asking the right questions can be such a good start to a relationship that's profitable on so many levels for everyone. But we have to be aware of the RIGHT questions, and we have to make the right choices. In his book on accountability Miller says "make better choices in the moment by asking better questions."

What can you do to make a difference..in your business, your life, your bank account? What can I do today to make tomorrow or next month more impactful. What marketing choices, in the moment, can you make by asking better questions?

I like questions. I like to ask and be asked questions. Last week I wrote 4 posts on Handshakes; how we tend to waste them and my experience on making them count. And questions are a big part of the handshake. Try to shake-hands without asking a question. It's hard! In QBQ Miller tells stories about asking Incorrect Questions (IQs) vs the right questions (QBQs) to gain the upper-hand in conflict, stress and doubt. 

Handshakes - Making 'em count - Part 4

From this point, the process of practicing and living this out can be a bit monotonous and even boring to some. Much of it is the same, or similar tasks, and events over and over.

 Here's a quick 1-5 point summary of Parts 1, 2 and 3There isn't any one system that works for everyone but through practice, evaluation and correction we can have greater impact. God's given us the ability to learn and apply. I pray we all do both -

#1 - Remember four big things
  • This is a process you control
  • Have a marketing mindset to build relationships so that when someone needs your product or service they consider buying from you
  • Don't get your feelings hurt if you don't get responses back
  • Evaluate and Correct over short and long periods of time

Following "THRU" on the Handshakes - Part 3

This is part 3 in a series to Stop-Wasting-Handshakes (click for Part 1 and Part 2). Remember, this is a process you can control.

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Seeking clarify with Scott Carley, Dale Miller, John Maxwell and God!

Does God give you "clues?" He does me and I especially notice them when pondering and praying about certain things. Recently I've been evaluating where I spend my time, how to best spend my time, where I'm getting business, where I'm not getting business (but spending time) and how all that ties in together.


Unless I make this happen, it's not going to happen

I do know those who connect well
put great effort into it
- John Maxwell
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That quote is from a recent Minute with Maxwell. He goes on to say "if you're waiting for people to come to you, connect with you, make your day...you're always going to be unplugged.

Market Smarter......Establish a Platform

A horizontal surface, a place of public expression, a raised area
- partial definition of a platform

Last week fellow Guerrilla Marketing Coach Richard Balius asked me evaluate a marketing plan he was recommending to a client; the plan's platform was a blog associated with the client's board position in an association.

Experts insist a platform from which to market your business is likely the difference between success and failure. Consequently, expert marketer Michael Hyatt insists "the easiest way to build a platform in today's world is to start a blog."

I do know those who connect well put great effort into it - John Maxwell

I do know that those who connect well put great effort in it. If you're
waiting for people to come to you, connect with you, make your day...
you're always going to be a bit unplugged. But if you decide to get
 into their lives, ask questions about them, value them and make
them your interest.........well, that increases your potential for connection.
- John Maxwell
to hear John talk about connecting click here
 I do know that those who
connect well put great effort into it
Thanks John, great word that I needed to hear today.
To that end..........

Execute to Market Well: #8 Evaluate and Correct

Unless I can make this plan happen,
it's not going to matter.
- Bossidy/ Charan in
"Execution: the Disclipline of
Getting Things Done

The previous post specific to Marketing Well was on the "top 3 most important marketing things to do; Execute, Execute, Execute."

I wrote that post in frustration, 12 days ago, because I was NOT marketing well. I was letting other things get in the way of EXECUTING my marketing plan. 12 days later and.......I'm still not marketing well.