Live from the Hurdie Burk Radio Network: Lloyd Leblanc, The Golf Zen

Everything rises and falls on leadership, even golf

Lloyd reminds us that golf is a game and needs to be fun. When it stops being fun, stress creeps in, muscles tighten and it becomes less fun.

Click here to listen to Hurdie's interview with Lloyd Leblanc. Lloyd's website is and here are a few pointers (not just golf) I picked up from Lloyd -

  • When you make a bad hit and you get mad, you start a pattern. Instead, think about what didn't go right and correct it.
  • Don't think about what you did wrong, but what you did right.
  • What seperates the top 10 from everything else is the mental part of the game.
  • Lloyd stresses having a pre-shot routine; make decisions about the club, get over the ball and relax, have a good expectation of reality.
  • Swing what you can easily swing. If you do well with a certin iron, use it as much as you can.
  • Golf is a challenging game. You can make it hard.
Thanks Lloyd and Hurdie, I picked up some great tips....even though I'm not a golfer. Good stuff about life, and leadership.

To that end........

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Hurdie Burk said...

Thank you. Lloyd was great guest. These are great points for living life.