Some Thoughts on Following

I began the week with a focus on following; reading and learning about the subject, how it's done well, not so well, the-good-the-bad-the-ugly, and just literally what it is.

The week is ending with pondering all the same, but from more of a perspective of how well I followed. And was followed.

The box needs improvement on both. While some would say I've followed well, I say it has been quite blind and not near courageous enough.

To that end...

Trusting Yourself First

I have a few firm beliefs. One of them is this; "if I can't trust myself, I will not trust others."

Covey, in The Speed of Trust, talks about self trust in connection with it being the principle of credibility. I agree that to be credible to others one first has to trust themselves, and how well one trust oneself is in direct proportion to how WELL one trust another.

I've struggle with this quite a bit because there are areas in which I think trust myself but don't feel I can trust another. So, I circle back around to - what is good trust? Am I blindly trust someone? Are the results of the trust in proper proportion to the trust being given in the event it turns out bad?

We have to be certain we have the proper concept of trust down first and then we have to keep circling back to our own trust.

Do I trust myself to do what I need to get done in even the small things. Example; definsive driving - after getting a speeding ticket I knew when I agreed to take definsive driving that it would be a very slim chance that I would set down at a computer for 8 hours, or go to a comedy class, or whatever. Give me a break! A comedy class about definsive driving. It obviously works but I'll have to have at least one more ticket first.

I digressed....agreeing with the Bee Cave court to take definsive driving was just plain stupid on my part and after not taking it, missing the next court date, paying the money I would have gotten out of, but paying for the definsive driving anyway, I now have another court date scheduled as I try get out of the $595 fine for missing the court date for not taking definsive driving that I knew wouldn't happen. I remember walking out of the court last March thinking "Smith! What did you just do? You agreed to set down and take definsive driving? Just pay the other $100 and be done with it!"

And what does that have to do with trusting others? Everything. In order to have a propensity to trust, one has to have a true north, a core, a foundation to start with. That true north starts with yourself. The Bible says to love others as we love ourselves. I know, it says to first to Love God, but that's another posting.

God Bless, learn to trust yourself.

To that end....