7 Reasons to Stop Perfectionism

Not a perfect list.....

  1. Perfectionism keeps you from getting things done (causes procrastination)
  2. Perfectionism wraps you up in unnecessary details
  3. Perfectionism doesn't allow you to use your natural talents
  4. Perfectionism causes you to compare yourself with others
  5. Perfectionism causes a constant state of stress
  6. Perfectionism stops you from taking risks
  7. Perfectionism stops you from being a better you

To that end....

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I find it curious that I choose to just read this book through without a pen in hand. (was that an Adler thing?)

This is a new author for me, but it was recommended by Michael Hyatt. I think it came through the Platform University. Though it could have been a Facebook post Michael made (Ha. There's that FB working again!).

Now for the re-read, with a pin this time. Lots of important points I practice now, but I want to get better at. Some of those are..

Killing Marketing's Most Dangerous Enemy

Procrastination is marketing’s most dangerous enemy
- Jay Conrad Levinson

One of the most common characteristics of a procrastinator is the procrastinator’s ability to rationalize why he or she procrastinates. Certain personality types could possibly tend to procrastinate more than others but even the most driven “D” will put things off because of fear, pain or over commitment.

People procrastinate for many reasons:
• Lack of competencies
• Task is too complex
• Can’t get everything done
• Want it to be “perfect”
• Lack of motivation
• Fear of failure
• Fear of success
• Distractions
• Can’t prioritize

What do you say when you talk to yourself? Here are some common conversations with procrastinators –


When we decide not to give-up, put-up, or shut-up...when we decide to persist, not to quit...when we keep-on-keeping-on, hanging in there, trying it again and again and again...no matter what mistakes, wrong turns and bad decisions...whether we're treated good, bad or indifferent...when we keep moving towards what God's called us to do......it's during the trying and difficult times that we develop the characteristics that make for


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My struggle with goal setting

I've said "I hate setting goals" and I do....long-term goals.

Oh, I've taken the classes, read the books and practiced the disciplines. 

Here's my problem, two problems....

1. somewhere along the line I got stuck in the S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting model. Yet, all goals CAN'T be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic AND timely. Seriously. Think about it. 

2. What about getting out-in-front of God? I tend to start running down a path and then begin asking God to bless it. That doesn't work.

Thus, I have goals but they're short term. Today, tomorrow, this week. When I'm not out-in-front too far, the slow down isn't as painful and the smart stuff works. 

And I spend less time licking my wounds of failure and more time growing ahead of where I'm presently at...."I'm increasing what I can presently increase, my present."

And THAT increases the overall impact of the short term goals, which feeds the growth that fuels my dreams and the vision becomes clearer and clearer.

To that end....

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