7 Essential Behaviors for Leaders

Pondering previous postings....from 8/22/2011 -

Bossidy and Charan's Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done is an excellent book for small businesses and teaches fundamentals of GETTING THINGS DONE. This book is one of those I pound out at clients, covertly and otherwise :-), to improve their processes. The authors lay out the argument of 3 Building Blocks and then 3 Core Processes of Execution.

These factors are especially important for the small business* person and his/her intentional focus on results.

Building Block #1: The Leader's Seven Essential behaviors

  1. Know your people and your business 
  2. Insist on realism
  3. Set clear goals and priorities
  4. Follow through
  5. Reward doers
  6. Expand people's capabilities
  7. Know yourself
Four core qualities that make up emotional fortitude are authenticity, self-awareness, self-mastery and humility. 

To that end....be purposeful, be intentional.

 *I define small business as any entity (division, branch, company, sales) under 100 people; this includes individual sales people, loan officers, Realtors, etc.

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Thoughts on....

A couple of thoughts have come together this morning, and they haven't, so-to-say, "crashed." But have rather been slow moving burn.

1. I've been thinking more and more about how Potential lies within me and Opportunity lies outside; and without uncovering the potential, opportunities will be missed.

2. Jordan, a loan officer on my sales team, asked for a book I'd recommend him reading; my instant thought was "QBQ; The Question Behind the Question." That was a couple of days ago and I've had thoughts around the content, what to really ask yourself to eliminate blame, complaining, and procrastination."

I think it's time to revisit the QBQ principles and dig deeper into how asking the right questions (what, how and where...not why and when) will help me be more aware of my potential and be able to fully take advantage of my opportunities!

That's a good burn.

Danny L. Smith

"The top 1% of successful entrepreneurs build themselves ahead of their business."

Credibility 1st, then Behavior

Trust is a "core competency." In this video Mr. Covey tells us a bit about how trust plays out in the marketplace.

How creditable is your character and your competence? Both matter.

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What I believe about Mission, Vision, Purpose and Calling

Definitions can be confusing. Here's how I use Mission, Vision, Purpose and Calling:

 - Mission is what I'm going to do "period-the-end." It has nothing to do with money or position. Mission doesn't change without a life changing event. Mission, along with values, is one's core ideology.

- Vision is my desires, plans and goals. It is "where I see myself in 'x' days, months or years." Vision can change.

- Purpose is how I am to serve God's plan for me. I serve God's purpose through faith. As a follower of Christ (a Christian) my life has purpose, the work I do has purpose, beyond just being happy and making money. It is with this purpose I serve His plan. I don't always have a good grip on the plan, but I know I'm to serve Him through His purpose.

- Calling is how "I'm called according to God's purpose." Calling is what I do individually to fit into God's purpose.

Pondering these this morning have led me to really realize that two can be easily summerized, two not.

Lord, what other questions do I need to ponder, to clarify? Not necessarily the answers right now, but what questions?

To that end..........I pray I truly come to understand my purpose and my calling, few do.