The Power of Procrastination, part 1 of 5

We all procrastinate. Fundamentally, procrastination is a decision one makes, consciously or unconsciously, to delay getting into action due to some underlying roadblock, diversion, fear or concern.

Some people are naturally starters while others are finishers. In either case, procrastination can cause problems. Persistent procrastination can drain one’s energy and result in nagging feelings of guilt, diminished self-confidence, missed opportunities and anxiety. 

Reality, thinking, changing

I've come across some interesting numbers the past few months (you can Google for many references)...

- we receive 20,000 bits of data per day through what we see and hear. That's more in one week than someone in 1900 received in a lifetime.

- we have 60,000 thoughts per day.

- 90% of our thoughts are repetitive.

Whether you ask for it or not, who gives you advice?

Your potential is determined by those closest to you - John Maxwell

We all have an inner circle of people who impact us (good or bad). 

We also have "spheres of influence" and we should be very careful about how we allow them to blend together. 

I've learned to be intentional and mindful of who I let impact me on a continuous basis (inner circle). I'm influenced regularly by things that go on around me, but I want to limit that impact as much as possible. 

How do you look?

When you change the way you look at people, 
the people you look at change - Wayne Dyer

That's an incredible statement "When you change the way you look at people, the people you look at change."

Think about it....I change the way I look at people and they change! Isn't that GREAT.

If I want people to change, I just need to change the way I look at them.

What a great lesson.

To that end....start looking at people differently.


1. Write the word on a piece of paper
2. Put a question mark after it
3. Leave it laying where you can see it every day

What is your potential?

What self-limiting belief is keeping you from moving towards your potential?