Goal setting and achieving happen at a different level of consciousness

 It's the sign of an educated mind that can
entertain another's ideas without having to own them.
- Goal setting happens in the conscious mind.

- Goal achieving happens in the subconscious mind.

- The subconscious mind is responsible for maintaining our reality. 

- Our reality is made up of beliefs and habits that leads to activities that lead to the results we obtain.

- Results are a direct reflection of beliefs and actions.

Thus, in order to ACHIEVE goals, we perform sustainable actions by changing our beliefs by changing our reality. Our reality is only changing through repetitive thoughts driven by a desire, a purpose, a why.

We can set goals all day long, but they stay in our consciousness, rejected by our unconsciousness, until we change our thinking as it pertains the achievement of those goals.

Goal achieving happens in the subconscious mind and the subconscious is trying to reject any changes. Right now, if this is new to you, it's rejecting it...afraid a change might be coming.

To that end, don't let your subconscious reject something before understanding it.