Dressing up for a pity party, and the animal level of awareness

I heard something this morning that I really needed to hear. Paul Martinelli reminded me that….

“there’s a difference between being aware and judging.”

Pondering the last few days, looking at what I’ve done, not done and the causes of those effects, I thought “my time management sucks.” Later, out on a walk with Bubba and listening to a call I missed last week, Paul, in his answer to someone’s question said “there’s a difference between being aware and judging.”

I really needed to hear that because I’d been judging myself. I’d been thinking “what the heck, why didn’t I come right back to the office Wednesday morning after that appointment?” What’s the deal with not going to the hospital to see John between appointments yesterday? That was stupid.” There were a few other choice phrases as I thought back through my calendar.

But, I needed to be aware. Right? I need to recognize the problem. Right?

Right, and right.

But I can be aware without judging myself.

Hopefully, I’ve been through this enough that a discipline would have eventually kicked in and I would have recognized the pity party I was dressing myself up for. You see, I’d slipped into an Animal Level of Awareness; Level #1, the lowest level of awareness. This is where we operate on instinct, blaming circumstances, existing conditions, others and our environment…anything to keep from thinking and acting on change. We even blame ourselves.

Everyone expresses this level of awareness at times, but it’s only healthy, it only serves us well when we’re conscious of acting in this way. As an example, when you watch, read or hear the news…….how much do your react? Where do you allow those opinions influence your decisions? Does it depress you, tick you off, you want to react and rant?......or do you simply get the information, see what’s happening in the world and move on?

How are you feeling about what you’re reading right now?

How about your week? As you evaluate and correct (step 8), how have you done? What was good, what was bad, what was better?

My time management does suck, but I don’t suck. That part of my behavior needs improvement.

Be aware, think into what you want, but don’t judge yourself.

Move forward, be purposeful, knowingly.

To that end….