“Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.”  
 - Wim Wenders, German film director (b. 1945)   

It’s interesting how one thing feeds another, and the continuum keeps on keepin’ on…   Dreams, courage and action.  

If that’s all we could bring to the game each day, we’d probably be ok. 

But they’re not all we can bring.  When we intersperse these traits with planning, wisdom, experience and knowledge (not necessarily in that – or any order), then incredible things start to happen.   Layer on a dose of practice, and wow, we’re rolling!  

Interesting to note, though, that action and courage are linked.  Even when the outcome is more sure than others – courage is at play.  Those that watch things happen tend to wish they were the ones making things happen.  

 Make something incredible happen today! 



Dream Big, Think Small

This is a partial post from Fran Tarkenton's weekly newsletter Fran's Corner at GoSmallBiz.com. While this article is written to Small Business Owners, it pertains to all of us. Great article and thanks to Mr. Tarkenton and GoSmallBiz.

Put your time into dreaming about a great big idea: a great product or a great service. Dream about solving big problems for your friends and neighbors. Dream about doing something better than anybody has ever done it before. Don't dream about having offices in London, Shanghai, and Dubai, with a plush corporate jet to fly you between them. The big idea will take care of all that. Dream about relevant customer benefits and competitive differentiation, and the big idea will pull you right into the Hall of Fame.

Dream big, but think small. Too many small companies try to act the way they think big companies act. And too many big companies try to act like the Fortune 500 act. I'm not sure if you noticed lately, but the Fortune 500 has not been acting so smart. They think big: big corner offices, big corporate jets, big office towers, big signs on professional sports stadiums with their names on them. Big costs-but not-so-big profits. They have shareholders who will put up with that foolishness. As a small business owner, your number one shareholder better not put up with it, or all you'll own is debts and regrets.
- Fran Tarkenton, GoSmallBiz

To that end....


Sync Your Lips with Your Feet

What you do speaks so loudly that what you say I cannot hear

- Anonymous

Stephen M.R. Covey states "trust is one thing that changes everything. Trust is common to every individual, team, family, nation and organization." Mr. Covey continues with building an excellent compelling business case for Trust and how it is something you can get better at.

Having become a student of Covey's brand of trust the past 4 years, I've used his teachings in my daily practice of coaching, training and life. The one factor that stands out higher than any other is his 2nd core of credibility -

Intent: What's Your Agenda?

You can find this in his words and detail beginning with page 73, but I'll give you my version.

1. Words and Walk; the words and the walk must be the same every time. When they aren't, I lose traction with the relationship and everything slows down. When the words and walk are consistent, then our relationship speeds up and will grow.

2. Watch out for Blind Spots; be aware of the fact that we trust people based upon how much we trust ourselves and our own feelings about trust. If our tendency is to not trust, then relationships don't grow and business slows down. If we tend to blindly trust others, then we'll get burned. Subsequently, as we trust well, we'll build relationships and business between within those relationships will flourish.

3. Willingness to Win/Win; intentions and motives. Is everyone in the relationship pointed towards not only the same end mission or purpose, but also goals along the way and the basis for how to get there? Does everyone understand the other person's "win?"

My favorite Trust Behavior is -

Create Transparency (page 152): tell the truth in a way people can verify. Be real, open and authentic. Over deliver your disclosure.

Opposite is - hidden agenda / withhold information / not disclosing because "they didn't ask"

Counterfeit - masking the real behavior and agenda with hidden agendas and motives / being passively-aggressive / technically telling the truth (Covey has this as part of "Talking Straight" but in practice I've found it to be important here also)

Our lips and feet come out-of-sync in many ways and that can be driven by a lack of focus, the greed to sell something at the moment and volatility. Some of us don't even realize what we are doing at the time, others of us do and mistakenly think the end result is the only thing that matters.

Look over your shoulder and be aware of what you leave along the way; bad and good - improve on the bad and relish the good. Practice trust well.

To that end......


Third Time's A Charm: I hope

I subscribe to John Maxwell's Your Word Today is....  and today's Word he gave his viewers/listeners was Self Control.

My first view was early this morning and my thought was YEA! I agree, I have control of myself! By 8:30 though, life had attacked and I was in the middle of a couple of controversies; one with someone not making a call they were supposed to make, and then my seemingly inability to perform simple taks on the computer....a certain software this morning.

I thought...self control, self control, self control...why am I thinking self-control! And then I remembered----Maxwell's word.

So, I just now listened to it again. And I feel better. Or did. Not so much now as I write this and I'm thinking one, about the phone call (did it happen?) and two, I've got to get learn how to use that software and get that work done.


I hope the 3rd time I watch that 1 minute video helps.

To that end...

Deep breaths.