Influencer! - Juli Carter with PuroClean

Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less

Juli Carter is in Business Development with PuroClean Property Damage Specialist and is one of the best "connectors" I've ever encountered. I've only been around Juli 6 or 8 times over the last few months but every time I walk away impressed with her interest in people and connecting people to people.

I asked Juli what 3 characteristics best describe her and she said,
  • Interest in helping people,
  • Embraces problem solving and
  • It's not about me, it's my Team
These were very evident when she included a co-worker during her spotlight at a recent business presentation. In a time when Juli could have focused on herself, she included a teammate. A statement she made really struck a cord - "our team of trained specialists handle every job as this happened to our own family. We help rescue homes, put businesses back together. When we complete a job, we help you get back to your life as you were prior to the damage."

Thanks Juli for being such a great Leader. You truly understand that to add growth you lead followers, but to multiply you lead leaders.

I've never had a water or smoke damage home or office. But if I do, I'm calling Juli and her team. She can be reached at 512-550-1333 or

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