Margins for problems

Margins are the space needed to stay sane.

Sometimes it's not enough to just not add something else to your plate. Sometimes what's already there grows and you have to stop doing something you're already doing.

Confusion, frustration and quit will set in otherwise. Margins. Evaluation. Correction.

I was asked recently, what law of leadership is most important to me financially, and how? Instantly I thought of my current favorite (besides the other 20) - The Law of the Lid.

How? Right out of the book -
  • People Skills
  • Planning and Strategic Thinking
  • Vision
  • Results
Plus - margins. Margins in the day for unexpected problems that must be dealt with, time to pause and reflect, evaluate and correct, time to just pay attention.

It's been formulating for a few weeks, but around midnight last night I realized that I need more margins early in the day. No commitments except to myself and God to come to my desk and pay attention.

I love what and how questions.

To that end..........


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