Repeating myself

I repeat myself over and over again for 3 big reasons: 
I tend to forget things, I think it needs to be repeated 
and sometimes I just like telling the story

As I move farther away from yesterday, I want to remind myself of a few things I said recently -

Stay connected to your confusion..

To that end.....Smitty, lead yourself well first and watch those rabbit trails you get led down. Pay attention to what's really going on!

Head down...

Some days you just need to put your head down and pay attention. 
These are the times when the focused disciplines show up as habits.

Solopreneur, not a sustainable business concept

I don't struggle with the solopreneur concept, 
it's just a bad concept and I don't struggle with it.

A solopreneur is defined as an entrepreneur who works alone, a company of one. You can not maintain a successful business by yourself. A solopreneur is a non-sustainable business model, concept and THOUGHT.

You can be the only "paid" employee in your company, but you still must develop a Team. We all need a team, paid or not.

Think bigger that one, bigger than solo.

To that end...

Clutter, and self-image...Raising Lids

You can't outperform you self-image. Maxwell Maltz

Clutter. As I focus on the Ps (plan, pause, pray, patience, purpose, peace, that the right Ps?), I'm reminded more and more of the clutter that gets in my way of the big R - RESULTS.

Clutter is not all about what I create for myself, but what others create on my behalf. Or is it what I allow others to create? Either case, I have to deal with it.

And such, it becomes the inability to create. The inability to move forward. Some might say it's a spiritual thing. Maybe so. But, as with a post last November......

Clutter snuck in.

And when that happens, this Choleric/Sanguine (D/I) gets caught up in the reactions.

What am I going to do? I'm Purposefully driving back through my Speed of Trust disciplines and behaviors. I'll Pay attention to my Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results as I practice the following 3, of 13 behaviors (can only concentrate on 3) -

Talk Straight, Clarify Expectations, Deliver Results

It's also time for a celebration - looking through the 13 behaviors, I realize how much better I am at practicing all of these than I was 5 years ago. Even a few months ago.

To that's a GREAT DAY!

Clutter is also what's in your head

Sometimes clutter is more than what's on 
one's desk, inbox or desktop screen. It's also
what's in your head.

Sometimes, it's what's bothering you. It's what's weighing you down mentally. It's more than SQUIRREL! It's getting totally taken out of the game. It leads to roadkill.

Don't let yourself get taken out of the game by something you have no control over, but, recognize there might be changes that need to be made IF you are. But then again, maybe you do have control. It's just in a different sense.

Dig into what's causing the clutter.

Cleaning up the clutter will free you to be creative.

To that end..........what clutter is keeping you from what you want "to be?"

Cleaning the Clutter...repost

The info I've been sharing about David Allen's talk to us at Leadercast has me working my Ps hard around the clutter thoughts. I knew I'd pondered this in the past but surprised how many blog posts I'd actually written the subject.

So, I'm taking a break for new content and pondering some old..

From February, 2012 - Habits and Clutter

To that end.....

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#CFALeadercast Thoughts to Ponder, Number 2

I can't please everyone because I'm a leader, 
not a clown - John Maxwell

I quoted David Allen yesterday and his comment has stuck with me. Michael Hyatt's blog post on "My Takeways from the 2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast quotes Allen well

There is an inverse relationship between what
 is on your mind and getting it done. If it's on 
your mind, get it out of your mind. Write it 
down, so you can focus on the task at hand.

So.. exercising the 7 Ps around 1. cleaning my desk so I can make another one, and 2. writing thoughts and ideas down.

To that end....

#CFALeadercast Thoughts to Ponder, Number 1

You're the most productive when you have the freedom 
(and the room) to make a mess - David Allen

The old Greeks insisted that repetition was the mother of learning. 

This week, maybe longer, I'm working back through my notes, public Tweets and other materials. Great info to ponder on, plan around, pray about how it can be used to add value, be purposeful about...

Thanks John and Antoinette Griffin for posing this question to Cathy, Rebecca, Sky and I.......

What leadership landmines do you have?

To that end.....

Another P? Number 7

It's been suggested that I add another "P" to my list of dailies. Dan Adams and I were discussing the Ps and he mentioned


I like it. 

To that end....that's it. No more. 7 Daily Ps. 

The 6th P - Peace

I wrote Saturday about the 5 Ps: Prayer, Pause, Purpose, Plan and Practice.

Cathy, my wife and who I didn't know read these posts, suggested a 6th P...


To that end....

Daily Ps

I like the letter "P." In 1994 I used 5 Ps to help me through the process of finding the right mortgage company and continued with it recently when looking for a bigger pond to swim in.

Mark Hairston text'd last night asking how the 5Ps were playing out at the new company. My reply was good, but my thoughts were around how I wasn't as focused, engaged and as productive as I thought I should be.

And this morning during my pause, prayer and reflection time - during the "Lord, give me my daily bread" - the 5Ps hit me again. But this time, it was

Pause - Prayer - Purpose - Plan - Practice

I believe I've been practicing these 5Ps but not Prposefully. So, I'll set some reminders during the day to regularly Pause, Pray, and check that I'm Practicing my Purpose and on Plan.

To that end....