Book: "When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan" by Peggy Noonan

What a great book!! I try and read a book about Reagan every two or three years and this has to be the best yet with God and Ronald Reagan in a close second.....ok, almost as good.

This isn't just a good read, but a pleasant read. If the author's intent in writing this book was to show how much she, Ms. Noonan, really cared about Mr. Reagan, she gets an A+.

Obviously, it helped that Ms. Noonan knew the Reagans and those close to them for years, but even so, few people can make words seem so real. This is the first of Ms. Noonan's books I've read and it will be interesting to see if she can accomplish such a feat again.

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‘When I watch one of my pictures, I pay attention to what the audience doesn’t laugh at. If several audiences don’t laugh at a stunt, I tear it apart and try to discover what’s wrong. On the other hand, if I hear laughter I hadn’t expected, I ask myself why that particular thing rang the bell with the audience.’  - Charlie Chaplin.

Born into poverty, he signed the first million dollar contract as an entertainer. Charlie Chaplin fully believed he was successful because he was teachable. Not because he had an extraordinary gift or talent. Many just as gifted and talented go to their grave never having used their talents nor their gifts.

Chaplin perfected his gift. It was at the height of his career that he was known best for replacing complacency and arrogance with teachability.

If you want God to use you, stay teachable, search out more of the kingdom within.