Seeking clarify with Scott Carley, Dale Miller, John Maxwell and God!

Does God give you "clues?" He does me and I especially notice them when pondering and praying about certain things. Recently I've been evaluating where I spend my time, how to best spend my time, where I'm getting business, where I'm not getting business (but spending time) and how all that ties in together.

Yesterday, in an impromptu discussion with friends Scott Carley and Dale Miller we bantered about the impact, or lack of, meeting more, or less, people face-to-face versus how much, if any social media, blogs, follow-ups, newsletters, etc.
Now, just to go on record - my EXPERIENCE is you need a very healthy dose of all the above. NONE, for ME is good without the other.
MY experience.
I won't go into a couple of other "shots-across-the-bow" God has sent mey way on this subject lately, but I am sharing the very timely video I got in this mornings email. Very very timely.
Oh...and an email right before Maxwell's "Capacity" was a notice from my Outlook that said "Your mailblox is almost full."
Thank you Lord, and to that me understand the clues.
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