The Biggest Trouble With Trouble.....

Dr. Charlie Shedd, author of Letters to Karen and Letters to Philip, once said "the biggest trouble with trouble is that it keeps us expecting more trouble."

My dad would train his dogs and horses to not shy from the sound of a gun-shot. Years later, the need for that training became apparent when we bought a Collie and he would hear firecrackers and go absolutely nuts trying to get in the house he was so scared.

Failures in life can be like gun-shots. We are taught about succeeding and we hear about "when you get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and getting going again." But how many times, and what does it do to your attitude? I've talked, written, and tweeted about "what you say when you talk to yourself." That is actually the name of a book I have by Shad Helmstetter and it was the first book my wife ever saw me purchase 25 years ago. She was wondering "what?" The techniques in the book helped me through some things then and have many times since. Without getting into a deep positive-mental-attitude agenda, we do need to be careful about what we think, what we say to ourselves, the "pictures we have in our head."

Remember that "failure is an event, not a person." (Zig)

Today, let's expect great things! Today is the day my Lord has made and I'll rejoice and be glad in it.

To that end.....God Bless

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank of America today issued its latest Lending and Investing Initiative Report, noting the extension of nearly $150 billion in credit in the first quarter of 2010 ? the most extended by any U.S. bank..................

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The Work Number Shares RESPA Survey Results at MBA's National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference: Survey Finds Majority of Lenders RESPA Compliant [Press Release]

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Stress Test Redux: The Banks are Still in Trouble [Press Release]

Out of a total of 15,730 banks and credit unions in the US, there are 7,349, or 46.7 percent, short capital and need to maintain a high level of liquid funds to keep themselves in business. Unfortunately, these institutions are the home of over 60 percent of America?s small businesses, the ones which create jobs, according to economist Michael Moebs of Moebs Services, who recently updated his firm?s nationally recognized Treasury Stress Test of 2009 .................

RESPA Ranks as Highest Compliance Concern for Second Consecutive Year

According to QuestSoft’s annual compliance survey of lenders, the recently enacted fee tolerance changes to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) continue to pose the greatest mortgage compliance concern in 2010. This marks the second year that RESPA has held the top spot among the lenders surveyed........
Leading, Influence and Control

Daily we all influence and through this influence, we in turn lead others. Not always, but normally.

Example: years ago, in around 1980, I was with a group of people and one them was women 8 month's pregnant. When the waitress came to ask for orders, the pregnant woman orders a beer. The waitress takes everyone's order and walks off. A few minutes later, she comes back a let's everyone know that she does not agree with the pregnant woman's choice to drink while pregnant and that another waitress, who feels it is not her place to make such a "judgement," will be taking over the table.

Now, let's take a look at all the influencing that took place during this 5 minutes and what it led to.

obviously there was the influencing by the pregnant woman's choice to order a beer

there had been other influences in the waitress' life that led her to be influenced to voice her opinion and not just give up the table to another waitress because of those past influences that led her to the convictions to begin with

the waitress was influenced by the pregnant woman to give up her table, thus, her tip from a large group of people

the new waitress was influenced

others at the table were influenced to discuss and even verbally express judgement on and ridicule the 1st waitress

at least one person, me, was influenced enough by the 1st waitress to remember 25+ years later the event. I had never considered, up until then, the dangers drinking brought to an unborn fetus. Those thoughts and concerns were not part of my thought patterns at that time in my life, but yet, I'm influenced by the actions of another with such an exchange of words and actions.

Now, replace the word influence with lead.

In the same exercise, take either word and replace with the word influence or lead with control and you'll find them not near the same. The only person that controls us is ourselves. We have choices. We have free will. There are of course consequences to choices. But, just because some leads, or influences, us doesn't mean with have to follow. We might loose friends, or a job, or "respect"....but we have control over how we are influenced.

This was originally posted on GodandWorkMatters in November, 2008

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