What to do when goal setting doesn't work - Part 3

Putting my thoughts and practices about goal setting into writing hasn't been easy! Especially since I really can't stand "goal-setting." 

But, as we all (should) know, goal-setting works. For me, it's the small goals, the things-I-get-done-today that is the most important. Not tomorrow (there's a Bible verse about that). Not yesterday (other than a quick review, evaluation and correction). 

Three questions people are asking about you

You can't make the other fellow feel important in
your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.
- Les Giblin, former National Salesman of the Year

In the critical read Everyone Communicates, Few Connect author and leadership expert John Maxwell tells the reader (pages 37 to 42)...

"You must be able to communicate that attitude of selflessness. How do you do that? I believe you do it by answering three questions that people always ask themselves when interacting with others.....
1. Do you care for me?
2. Can you help me?
3. Can I trust you?"

6 Things, Just 6 Things.

Hello, this is Danny Smith and it's a GREAT DAY. You're listening to the LET's Start Something Podcast.

For months, every Monday morning at 8am sharp this salesman would come to Andrew Carnegie's office asking for an appointment. This was in the 1800s and that's what salesmen did, showed up asking for an appointment. Every time, for months and months, the steel tycoon's secretary would turn him away. 

Using The Law of Process to achieve goals

Why do many goals never come about and others not sustain? 

In our lunch and learn this week we'll begin a series to dig into this matter. Every goal starts with an idea and any idea that's different from what we've accomplished in the past is in conflict with what our subconscious believes to be our reality. And there the trouble begins. 

What to do when goal setting doesn't work - Part 2

I love to start things, to come up with new ideas and think into the results I want from those ideas, these "dreams." 

Finishing. I like finishing also. Finishing gives me a sense of relief and energy and satisfaction. It's all that stuff in the middle that gives me problems. I don't do that well at all and regularly have to start getting things done in the middle.

What to do when goal setting doesn't work - Part 1

If goal setting works well for you, stop reading. If not, maybe I can help you just-a-bit. I don’t like goals. I don’t like them because I don’t do goals well and when I don’t do something well I feel like a failure and I don’t like to feel like a failure. I also don’t like to keep doing something over and over again and goal setting just isn’t something that’s sustainable. For me. But I need to set goals. I know I do, so I set daily goals. Small goals. Nothing past today is called a goal. You might think this is just a play on words, and maybe it is but “what you say to yourself matters.” That’s a take on Shad Helmstetter’s book What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.

13.5 Million Acorns in Your Hand

By Scott M. Fay
Author, Discover Your Sweet Spot 

In order to build my organizations, I first needed to build myself. And in order to build myself, I needed to create an environment conducive to growth.

Think about it. As humans, space is essential. For starters, we take up space.

But more than that, we also design space, build space, and even maintain space. In landscaping, we intentionally utilize space with a specific purpose in mind. But too often when leading ourselves and those around us, we unintentionally permit a space that sabotages our potential.


What are you saying when you talk to yourself? This morning, how have your conversations with YOU been?

Have good conversations with yourself. Ask questions that are focused on "I," and begin with "what" or "where." Don't asked "they, why and when" questions.

Be purposeful.

Danny L. Smith

"The top 1% of successful entrepreneurs build themselves ahead of their business."