Accountability and Marketing: Part 1

What can I do to make a difference?
- John G. Miller on accountability
author of QBQ (@QBQGuy)

Meeting people is a large marketing piece for most readers of this blog. Shaking hands and asking the right questions can be such a good start to a relationship that's profitable on so many levels for everyone. But we have to be aware of the RIGHT questions, and we have to make the right choices. In his book on accountability Miller says "make better choices in the moment by asking better questions."

What can you do to make a your business, your life, your bank account? What can I do today to make tomorrow or next month more impactful. What marketing choices, in the moment, can you make by asking better questions?

I like questions. I like to ask and be asked questions. Last week I wrote 4 posts on Handshakes; how we tend to waste them and my experience on making them count. And questions are a big part of the handshake. Try to shake-hands without asking a question. It's hard! In QBQ Miller tells stories about asking Incorrect Questions (IQs) vs the right questions (QBQs) to gain the upper-hand in conflict, stress and doubt. 

Handshakes - Making 'em count - Part 4

From this point, the process of practicing and living this out can be a bit monotonous and even boring to some. Much of it is the same, or similar tasks, and events over and over.

 Here's a quick 1-5 point summary of Parts 1, 2 and 3There isn't any one system that works for everyone but through practice, evaluation and correction we can have greater impact. God's given us the ability to learn and apply. I pray we all do both -

#1 - Remember four big things
  • This is a process you control
  • Have a marketing mindset to build relationships so that when someone needs your product or service they consider buying from you
  • Don't get your feelings hurt if you don't get responses back
  • Evaluate and Correct over short and long periods of time

Following "THRU" on the Handshakes - Part 3

This is part 3 in a series to Stop-Wasting-Handshakes (click for Part 1 and Part 2). Remember, this is a process you can control.

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Seeking clarify with Scott Carley, Dale Miller, John Maxwell and God!

Does God give you "clues?" He does me and I especially notice them when pondering and praying about certain things. Recently I've been evaluating where I spend my time, how to best spend my time, where I'm getting business, where I'm not getting business (but spending time) and how all that ties in together.


Unless I make this happen, it's not going to happen

I do know those who connect well
put great effort into it
- John Maxwell
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That quote is from a recent Minute with Maxwell. He goes on to say "if you're waiting for people to come to you, connect with you, make your're always going to be unplugged.

Market Smarter......Establish a Platform

A horizontal surface, a place of public expression, a raised area
- partial definition of a platform

Last week fellow Guerrilla Marketing Coach Richard Balius asked me evaluate a marketing plan he was recommending to a client; the plan's platform was a blog associated with the client's board position in an association.

Experts insist a platform from which to market your business is likely the difference between success and failure. Consequently, expert marketer Michael Hyatt insists "the easiest way to build a platform in today's world is to start a blog."