Quick thoughts on books read/listened to in 2019

Plan - The One Year® Chronological Bible – 2 year process this time through.
Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill – one hour per week with 6-10 "Ironmen" slowing going through this treasure. We had some really good deep dives into what Hill wrote/claimed and what a Biblical perspective would infer. Thanks to Paul Martinelli and Roddy Galbreath for their version of the study guide we used and class they taught in Jan/Feb. Thanks to the Ironmen: Dan Forbes, Brian Henson, Scott Carly, Gary Seale, Dale Miller, Joey McGirr, John Russell, Wiley Russell, John Becker, and Ryan Ransom. 

Remembering Death, by Matthew McCullough – a good reminder and some refreshing new thoughts. Thanks David George Moore for the email that I'd enjoy this book. I did.

Think Learn Succeed (Audible), by Dr. Caroline Lea... – such a good book. A wider and deeper look at the author's "Switch On Your Brain" I read in 2017 and have referenced many times since. This book did not include any scripture references. I'm not slowing listening, reading and taking her course on "The Perfect You." Cathy has joined me.

A Company of Heros, by Tim Keesee – Thanks Brian Henson for this recommendation. Sobering read.

Leaders Who Last, by Dave Kraft – Thanks Brian Henson for leading a few of us through the discussions.

The Science of Getting Rich (Audible), by Wallace ... – Thanks again to Paul and Roddy for the live Facebook lessons through this read. So much wisdom that many will miss simply because of the title.

Spiritual Warfare by Brian Borgman & Rob Ventura – Thanks for recommendation from Tim Challies Blog.

What Works When "Diets" Don't, by Shane Idleman – really good book, written by a passionate pastor.

Leadershift (Audible), by John C. Maxwell – sometimes I just need to listen to John Maxwell. The audible included a bonus session that was worth the purchase itself.

Liberating Prayer, by Neil T. Anderson – I've continued to pull on what I've learned from this and will continue.

The Lies We Believe, by Dr. Chris Thurman – reread. I've referenced this book many times since first reading it in 1990. Author has updated it with a 30th anniversary edition. I've started reading and enjoyed it until he got started contradicting himself about his dislike for having a positive attitude and his personal bashing. I haven't finished the new edition.

Waking The Dead, by John Eldridge (Audible) – 4th or 5th reread over past 20 years. Continues to be an important reminder.

The Bondage Breaker, by Neil T. Anderson – 3rd time through. Last time in 2016.

Change Your Heart Change Your Life, by Dr. Gary Sm... – honest and open. Incredibly transparent.

The Complete Guide to Fasting, Dr. Jason Fung and ... – practicing Dr. Fung's teachings. Thanks to Dan Forbes for recommendation.

Leadershift, by John C. Maxwell - I read again in preparation for making changes. 

To Pixar and Beyond, by Lawrence Levy – very good read about Steve Jobs

God, What Are You Doing? by David George Moore – Dave, I've wondered that many times. 

Can't Hurt Me, by David Goggins – wow. Goggins is an incredible human being. I pray for him. He inspires thousands and thousands.