Without Good Followers, There Are No Real Leaders

The Position Myth: "I can't lead if I am not at the top."
- John Maxwell in The 360 Degree Leader

Just a quick note this morning to remind those that follow this blog that in order to be a great leader...
  • you have to have great followers
  • you have to be a great follower
I've recently changed companies to join a team at US Home Loans. Our Mission Statement says -

Our goal is to be the lender of choice for the professional real estate agent and their clients in each market we enter as measured by all industry service level surveys reported. We will succeed by meeting the needs of our borrowers through exceptional communication and transparency throughout the loan process and conducting our business with absolute integrity.

US Homeloans' people will be the source of our competitive advantage. We will distinguish ourselves by creating an environment that fosters teamwork and innovation. We will utilize our employee's abilities to the fullest while at the same time treating each other with respect and dignity.

My ability to achieve this Mission Statement, my role as a Loan Officer, my success, my impact, is dependent upon how well I lead up, down, and around.

Cold Calling vs "Inbound Marketing"...

While there are undoubtedly some points of this video to argue against, including the language, the point it makes needs to be considered. 

And remember, things are a changing. We old guys need to be sure we know what we are up against!


Points-to-Ponder: Strategic Thinking Leadership

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to
entertain a thought without accepting it.


A strategy is a theory of how best to organize and invest resources and ways of working together (including organizational culture) to achieve goals. To be able to think critically; analytically and systematically is critical to being a successful and an effective leader.

Notice that Aristotle (above) did not say an "educated person" but rather a trained or educated mind. Hence, a disciplined way of thinking.

Focus! Almost Getting Derailed.

My mission statement states "I will endeavor to glorify God by making a difference and a reasonable profit."

Endeavor, glorify God, make a difference, make a reasonable profit; endeavor, glorify, God, make, difference, reasonable, profit.

All of that came forth with a client recently. This client, I'll call Susan, is a very high "I" or Sanguine personality. These personality types are typically unfocused, even to the extent of being extreme. Their strengths include high energy, talk to most anyone, works a crowd well and lots (LOTS) of ideas and stories.

A Sanguine weakness is "lack of focus." You can typically tell if you are talking to a Sanguine if he/she doesn't stay focused on the subject.  They can easily relate their ideas and or stories back to one focus point and will even rationalize why all the subject matters are important.

Fires Attract All Personalities, But....

Fires attract all kinds of people, but not everyone acts the same once they get close. Such was the case this week with the Pedernales fire. I live on the Pedernales River and was forced to evacuate, and though I did leave , I didn't go far. Cathy didn't want to watch, and didn't, but I was drawn back out of curiosity, concern, and just the general fact "it's a fire!"