Time Stealer (adapted from Today Matters Bible Plan by John Maxwell)

There will always be distractions in life because we know from scripture that the agenda of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy - (John 10:10 NIV). Because of his agenda to steal from us, the enemy knows if we can waste time then our purpose will never be realized, and our destiny will be aborted. 
Procrastination is a time stealer, and it simply means to put off intentionally doing something that should be done.
I have been guilty of this often, and  I have missed many wonderful opportunities to excel. In the Bible, (Matthew 25:1 – 13 NIV), a story of procrastination gripped my heart because of the greatest opportunity missed. 
The following parable was a real eye-opener for me because I realize every day we are gambling away our future with the notion we still have lots of time while being distracted by unimportant things like social media, television, games, text messages and the list can go on. Today I want to encourage you to look at what you are investing your time in and ask yourself, "What am I putting off intentionally that could hurt my future that I should be doing right now?" Once you have identified it simply decide not to put it off anymore; redeem your time!
The parable of the ten virgins tells of the preparation for the bridegroom's return. Five of the virgins were prepared with their lamps and oil, but five did not have oil. The story points out that the bridegroom was a long time in coming and the virgins became drowsy and fell asleep. Then suddenly at midnight, the alarm was sounded that the bridegroom was on his way. They all awoke, and the five prepared put their lamps together for his return. But the five who had sufficient time but intentionally put off getting the oil was left stranded and never made it to the wedding. 
Prayer: Lord, help me today to not be like the five virgins that gambled with their future. Help me to break off this time stealer of procrastination from my life and thank you for your hearing me!
Adapted from Today Matters Bible Plan by John Maxwell