Ponderings....what do I believe about work, God and certain matters

Pondering.......What do I believe about work, God and certain matters? What questions do I have?

Ramblings -

- work is not always easy and many times hard

- sometimes it's very fulfilling, sometimes not

- God made humans to work

- God gave us authority over the earth

- God was working when He made the Heavens, Earth, man, woman, animals, things that crawl and things that swim, things that fly

- God is still working, 24/7

- God gave humans permission to work with His creation

- God sent His son Jesus to live and die for the sins of those who believe

- there's evil

- God calls me to glorify him in every circumstance

- God calls me to serve Him and His community

- God assigns me to certain work

- when Jesus said "go ye therefore..." He meant "as you go about..."

- I struggle with the God calls be to a "certain career/job" thought process. Really? Or is it more of a "here's what I want to do? where God has me today? where God is leading me? this is a good career move?" decision? Is it more of a "I like doing this, it energizes me" decision. If I'm trusting in God, looking to Him in everything I do, does it really matter? Just asking.

- What if work were more about making me holy instead of happy? Hmph. That's not good...philosophers since Socrates have pondered the question "what is the one thing man most deeply desires?" They've always come up with "happiness."

- What if work were more about making me holy instead of happy? What if.........

- If work is easy on too regular basis, I'm probably not growing

- Rest. Keller says if I don't have a good grip on the balance of work and rest, then I don't understand the true doctrine of work

- margins and routines. Both have become very important to me over the past 3 years. I'm much more productive and prayerful when I plan margins and work in routines (or rythms, hmmm...systems/ process)

- evil is trying to keep me from glorifying God through my work. Evil wants me to be cynical and judging and blaming. Evil doesn't want me to grow.

- Growing....why do we have to grow? We just do...we just grow; if not purposefully, then the way the wind blows us. The wind being our culture, our environment. We all change, which means we all grow...into something different than we are now.

- Work. Am I doing what God wants me to do? What does God want me to do?........Glorify HIM.

- Piper says "God is most glorified when we are most satisfied, in Him." Ok..if that is true - I'm glorifing God when I'm satisfied in Him when I'm working loans, leading masterminds, being energized, or not......."God is most glorified when I'm most satisfied, in Him."

Where has all this brought me this morning?

Work is sometimes hard, sometimes easy, sometimes fulfilling, sometimes draining, sometimes energizing, sometimes tiring - but when I remember Him; when I remember the pain He went through on that cross........even when I don't....when I have that feeling of just feeling good, and realize I'm satisfied in Him;

He's glorifed.

To that end...........I should ask more questions to dig deeper, to clarify, to know what He wants. And give thanks....give more thanks.

And HE's still working

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