There's them dang roadblocks

Why is sustainable influence such a strange and elusive event?

Pure and simple....roadblocks, and/or blindspots. There's them there things that get in the way.

Here's 22 Roadblocks that's keeping you from being a better influence:

Coincidences? Not when you're trying to become more aware

"You must know yourself to grow yourself."
- John Maxwell

That's the statement John uses to introduce his chapter on THE LAW OF AWARENESS.

This book has been a big part of my growth the past two years, and this chapter has probably caused the biggest gulp. Being aware.

I wasn't planned (by me) that this is the chapter we studied this week in our Leadership lunch & learn...many at lunch on Tuesday were also in an Empowerment Mentoring lesson on Monday night. The lesson was Authentic Journaling.

I didn't plan it, but getting into the law of awareness is a perfect follow-through after a deep dive into authentic journal.

Choice #1 - I’ve got to choose to have the right mindset


To improve my “mindset” I ask questions and practice disciplines around I. M. P. A. C. T. 

Ideas. What new ideas am I having? Where are the ideas coming from? Are they from God? Is the Holy Spirit prompting me, or are the ideas from doubt, fear and self-limiting beliefs?

Meditation. I pray.

Purpose. What’s my purpose? Am I practicing my values? (Do you have your values written down...ask for my values worksheet). I’m purposeful about every event I attend, every appointment, every email, every marketing piece. I’m purposeful about giving, learning, sharing, gaining, etc. I practice “being present.”

Action. There’s a time to plan, a time to pray and a time to act. Even God told Moses to quit praying and start moving.

Conquer. Conquer those demons. Conquer those self-limiting beliefs. I can’t long outperform my self-image. What am I saying when I talk to myself? As a child of God, I was made in His image. I put on the Armor of God and fight the demons head-on!

Transcribe. I journal. Not just a diary type chronological thing, but authentic journaling. Getting the random chatter out of my consciousness so I can gain a deeper sense of awareness into my other-than-consciousness. “The danger isn’t in what we don’t know but in what we know and aren’t aware.”

To that end......choices break habits.

Fish! Philosophy by Lunden, Paul and Christensen

This read can easily change your life. IT CAN BE A GAME CHANGER. Friend and co-worker Mary Reynolds gave me this book in 2006 or 7. During an Empowerment Mentoring lesson last year I was struck with how familiar the contents of the lesson seemed.

I'd remembered receiving the book and had assumed I'd read it, but couldn't remember the contents. Thus, it was quite surprising when I realized some of the points of the lesson were right out of FISH!

When I started telling Cathy about it, she had that look. You know, THAT LOOK. The look that she can't believe I'm saying what she's hearing. Oh, I'd mentioned I was going to run up to B&N to buy the book.