Simply doing work in love

There may be no better way to love your neighbor, whether you
are writing parking tickets, software, or books, than to simply do
your work. But only skillful, competent work will do.
- Tim Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf
in "Every Good Endeavor"

God tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. How well do we love ourselves? Can we love ourselves well if we don't do our work well? If we just do what it takes to get by? What happens to our own self esteem, what we think about ourselves, what we say to ourselves, if we aren't doing a good job?

Love. Love and work.

The two are connected, blended somehow. When we decide to do each task well, to the best our abilities, and to increase those abilities, a since of satisfaction occurs. When we treat each job as if called-to-it-by-Him-to-do-it-well something changes.

A hole begins filling.

God calls His people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and equips His people to spread His word as we go about. Much of this going about is serving others through our work.

For most of us, this is the most we can do; serve others through doing work well. Then we start loving ourselves more, and loving others becomes part of what happens.

And it brings Him glory.

To that end........ 


DannyLSmith said...

Note - I also posted this on another blog ( and received the following comment. Cut and pasted here.

Anonymous said...
Danny, I don't agree with the "most we can do" statement at the end of your post. We can do much more than that! We can wittness, share the gospel, hold bible studies.

DannyLSmith said...

Anonymus posted his name in a follow-up: Darin.

I replied -

Darin: first - Thanks for the comment.

That was a hard thing for me to say - "for most of us, this is the most we can do; serve others through doing work well."

But, it is. Most of us don't know how to share the Gospel or witness in the traditional way. By traditional, sharing the four spiritual laws / asking people 'if you died today, where would you go?"

Most of us just aren't comfortable in that environment.

This in itself can cause doubt, confusion and guilt.

BUT! We can do our work well and that matters so much. I'll be glad to elaborate on what the Bible says about this if you'd like. Here or via email (