Handling a Promotion: Promotions bring privileges...

- the wise leader will use them without abusing them.

- the wise leader will refuse to exploit the privileges entrusted.

"Nehemiah never started Nehemiah Enterprises, Inc."

from "Hand Me Another Brick" by Charles Swindol

Don't Confuse Trust with Hope

We can't confuse Trust with Hope. And I'm not talking about the hope for salvation Christians have in their faith (as I do). What I am talking about is how we trust each other and how "hope (in this context) is not a strategy." Trusting well is a strategy. When we trust well, we can verify that trust, we can hold the other accountable to that trust. When we trust well, we get down to business faster. When we trust well, we have the same motives, the same agendas, and behave well according to that trust we have with each other.

When we don't trust well, we check things out, we display passive-agressive attitudes, we ignore, we just wait for others to "get over it." When we don't trust well, we encumber each other. We slow down the process.

And it cost money, time, and respect.

We have to earn trust. Hoping someone does something doesn't have to be earned, it just kind of happens. Now, remember, I'm not referring to a Christian's hope for salvation, that's a different totally different meaning - though the same root word, different context all together.

Here's an example of what I'm referring to about Trust vs Hope; when you are driving you don't trust that someone will not run a red light because you can't hold them accountable. Oh sure, they can get a ticket, or even pay for your car and hospital bills, but you might be dead!!

Now, what you do do is hope other drivers drive safely, don't run red lights, or cross the line on curves at 70 miles an hour.

Th cyclers on the roads here in Austin are HOPING they don't get run over. It's not trust, but hope.

Same thing happens in business; we can hope for some things and trust in others. Those we Trust Well in, we can verify - we hold someone accountable. Otherwise it's Blind Trust and we are hoping someone doesn't have a seperate agenda.

The more we trust, the more profitable we are, and the more we make a good difference.

Play on words? I don't believe so. Maybe a bit simplistic. Test it yourself and see how it works out.

To that end....