Leading Slow, but Steady

After talking to a group of men once about living one day-at-a-time, one gentleman came up to me and said "I'm sorry, but sometimes that's just too long."

Here's to just putting one foot in front of another and accepting our daily bread.

To that end....

Case Study - Types of Followers

There are different types of followers, but all leaders have followers.
Marketers are looking for followers, sellers..looking for followers.
The sooner one realizes this impact on one's life, one's business,
the sooner one starts moving down the right path.

To be a good leader, a good salesperson, a good marketer, you have to have followers and as we develop our own personal leadership, we will have better followers. It "magically" just happens. What makes a good follower? Can someone develop there "followership?"

Some days you just need to hunker down

Some days you just need to make a list, hunker down and get'r done.

- Review Calendar for day

- Reschedule / Schedule by priority / urgent

- Review List

- Revise List

- Everything needed in briefcase for appointments

- Marketing purpose for the day determined

To that end....


Steps to Networking with Impact

I don't like networking, but networking works. I connect with more people, I've built a large database and I've met some incredible people.

Networking has become a passion I want to get better at. I want to network better, build more relationships, learn about more people, make a difference in more lives.

Without a lot of explanation, here's the simple version of my initial process when meeting someone and the follow-up -

1. I ask "what industry are you in?"

Following to Lead Well

The Position Myth: "I can't lead if I am not at the top."
- John Maxwell in The 360 Degree Leader

Just a quick note this morning to remind those that follow this blog that in order to be a great leader...
  • you have to have great followers
  • you have to be a great follower

#RoadToThinkingWell - 4

Every problem introduces a person to himself 
- John McDonnell

This is the 4th post on my current try at 15 days of 15 minutes per day on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I say current because I'll likely take another stab at it in a few weeks.

#RoadToThinkingWell - 3

I consider the success of my day based on the seeds I sow, 

not the harvest I reap - Robert Louis Stevenson 

(quoted in Law of Contribution)

Day 12 - 15 days of 15 minutes per day on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Journal: busy week. Lot's of attraction/sowing with seminars/classes and masterminds. Platform blog went over 60,000 hits a few days ago and had 194 hits on Tuesday (2nd highest day).

Pondering The Law of Contribution this morning. In the book, Maxwell gives the following tips:

Making the Right Contribution Choices

#RoadToThinkingWell - 2

When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do
- Charles Schwab

I'm nine days into 15 days of spending 15 minutes per day on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and it has been profound. During this time I've also participated 4 masterminds on the same subject and it has all be good.

My original thought was that by this time I would be stretching. But, more than anything, I'm realizing how much I must

move beyond my self-limiting beliefs.

To that end....

Is it bragging if it's the truth? Yes.

While much of my marketing needs improvement, this measurement speaks loud, clear and well.

To that end...

Points-to-Ponder: How Many Fundamental Principles Do You Have?

I was involved two years ago in a project where 7 of us were reviewing and critiquing the 350 or so principles of a highly successful businessman.

Yes, 350.

Part of the project is to write down our own fundamental principles. Now, I've had my mission statement written for 15 years and have matured it slightly. My values statement has also matured, and expanded over the years. My plan, or vision statement, has changed drastically, much like the vision in my eyes.

But principles? That has always been more difficult. I had another project a few years ago where my management team and I started working on our principles. It was hard, and probably because we, or I, wanted to keep the number of principles to as few as possible; 12 at the most. And we just couldn't get that done.

Then, along came on this project about about this HIGHLY successful millionaire who has 350 principles! Maybe that's why my team and I couldn't get that project done - we were limiting ourselves.

So, how many fundamental principles do you have? I've had many of mine written down and title various ways for years, plus I've been journaling others that come up in day-to-day work.

I'm at 51.

Interesting. How many do you think you have? Do you think there should be a limit? Can you put a limit?

To that end...

Sync Your Lips with Your Feet

What you do speaks so loudly that what you say I cannot hear

- Anonymous

Stephen M.R. Covey states "trust is one thing that changes everything. Trust is common to every individual, team, family, nation and organization." Mr. Covey continues with building an excellent compelling business case for Trust and how it is something you can get better at.

Having become a student of Covey's brand of trust the past 7 years, I've used his teachings in my daily practice of coaching, training and life. The one factor that stands out higher than any other is his 2nd core of credibility -

#RoadToThinkingWell - 1

You've got to think about the big things while you're doing 
small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction 
- Alvin Toffler

Beginning yesterday and over the next 15 days I'm spending 15 minutes each morning on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: one-per-day.

My desired purpose is to get a better grip on my practice of these laws/principles/characteristics/disciplines.

Last night I went through all 15 laws, as quickly as possible, and wrote down a question I had about each law.

The law and question that hit me the most was

  • The Law of Expansion: Growth always increases your capacity
    • Stop thinking more work and start thinking what works?
  • Question: what's working?
My thoughts and actions lately have been heavily slanted towards marketing and sales. In the world of MarketSmarterNotHarder, we measure marketing results by profitability. So, as I ponder my growth activities in the marketing area of my mortgage business, I ask
  • What's working?
  • Where have the profits come from?
  • Are they traditional, or is something different?
John Maxwell suggests asking these questions
  • What am I required to do?
  • What gives the greatest return?
  • What gives me the greatest reward?

To that end...testing limits!

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