Cleaning the clutter

Don't just have a to-do list, have a to-be list also
- Melissa Malueg, Faculty Member
w/John Maxwell Team

Last week I had a good list of things I wanted to get done. I wrote them down, had my calendar in great order and when all was said and done, when the week was over..........I looked back and many were left un-done. Others did, but some that didn't were important. The here-kitty-kitty-kiity syndrome impacted part of it, but I KNOW that is going to happen. What happened? The question-behind-the-question is "what could I have done to completed the important items on my list?"

Setting here this Monday morning, I know I'll get side-tracked. I already have.

If Cathy was in the room and detected I was wandering she'd remind me - focus. That's all she has to say - focus. FOcus. FOCUS (sometimes louder than others). Austen's even picked-up on it!

So, what keeps me from focusing? One of many things is Clutter. On Saturday I was listening to a Q&A session on the Law of the Lid and Melissa Malueg talked about how clutter keeps her from getting things done.

Thus, I'm raising my lid this week by -

- Cleaning up clutter

This gives me room to be more creative and create more clutter.

To that end..........what clutter is keeping you from what you want "to be?"

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