Elevate NYC 2013 Keynote - Just because you don't like it.....

Immediate takeaways from this video below....

Immediate takeaways from this video below....

- 90% of the people today (2013) are marketing there event as if it were 2004
- We get stuck; mail, email, advertising, banners

- We have to understand habits change, things we will do today doesn't mean we'll do it tomorrow.

- Storytelling. People want to hear stories. We have to learn how to tell stories in the media where people are at.

- Just because you don't like a marketing idea, doesn't make it wrong
- Just because you don't like Facebook, doesn't make it not good (even for you)
- Just because you don't want to do something, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it anyway.

- The quickest way to go out of business is be romantic about the way you make your money.

- If you plan events and aren't a story teller on Facebook, Twitter....you'll be irrelevant in 12 months.

- Your events and you as individual are a media company. If you choose not to participate, you're being too quiet in a noisy world.

- Change, keep-up, or you'll go bankrupt.

To that end...thanks Caroline Reaves-Powers for the LinkedIn message to watch this video

I'm biased

I'm undoubtedly biased in a few areas, but in particular, I have a bias towards leadership.

After a post this morning about marketing, I'm once again not surprised of the constant similarities between marketing and leading WELL. 

Blind spots. Who's helping you?

Blind spots are called blind spots because they're in a spot that's blind to you.

I have to either strain to see around a blind spot or have someone to point out what's in my blind spot.

What are you doing to see better?

Who's helping you?

It's Saturday...what's the One Thing you can do differently on Monday?

The most important question you can ask yourself is
"what's the one thing you can do differently on Monday."
- Peter Drucker

When Efficiency is Demeaning

Demonstrating Respect is a clear example
of the disproportionate impact of the
"little things" in building Trust Accounts
 - Stephen M.R. Covey

When is efficiency demeaning?

Efficiency is demeaning with it steps on the intrinsic value of another.


Think about a time you were in the middle of a conversation and were "disrespected?"

- at a restaurant; the waiter interrupted your discussion to ask if you wanted something
- at a networking event; you're talking to a prospect and someone else walks up to say hello
- during a meeting; your not through your point and someone else is called on to talk

The waiter is only trying to do his job (be efficient), the network interrupter is just trying to get to more people and the person running the meeting wants to finish on time. All trust withdrawals.

Don't think so? Ask someone on the blunt end of the examples above, think about you're feelings when you've been on the receiving end....and you don't like it. And now you have feelings about the person's behavior, the results you received because of that person and it becomes a matter of trust (integrity, intent, capabilities and/or results).

Demonstrating respect might come across as a "soft" behavior but it's not. It is one of the hardest behaviors to live out correctly.

Be aware of your efficiencies today (whether their too loose - another topic, or tight).


Dating and Trust

Dating engages every point of marketing and selling; the better you market, the easier the sell. 

The Attraction to Market blends with the Market Attraction, you stop wasting handshakes and move from Know, to Like, to Trust. 

People do business with people they Trust.

How do you speed up the Trust process in your business? 

(Some of you thought I was going somewhere else with this post, didn't you?)

Process, raising your lid and questions

Guerrilla Marketing is a Process: a series of actions, steps and/or events taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Every sales person should answer these minimum questions every day -

1. What is the Purpose for what I'm doing? (event, meeting, training, etc, etc)

2. What is the Benefit a Prospect will get by using my product or services?

3. What is my Target/Niche (don't let the confusion or frustration of not knowing your Target or Niche keep you from searching it out - it's closing than you think)

4. What Weapons am I going to use today to help me get to my Purpose and stay Top-of-Mind after I've gotten people to Know me? What Weapons can I use to get people to Know, Like and Trust?

5. What is my Image? (Remember, raise your Lid, always improve the Image you have of yourself)

To that end.........have a Blessed day

I hate goal setting

What do you do when goal setting doesn't work?

I don't "hate" many things, but I do hate goal setting. When I set goals I don't set any past this Friday. Seriously..too many things are going on that could get in the way and thinking about the whole "process of goal setting wears me out."

But, I'm driven. Very driven. But not by goals.

Scott Carley helped me with some of this by defining different types of goals. There are some wants, desires, "thing...s" I'm working on, they're just not goals (and this isn't a word-game for me). Goals are supposed to be set and reset (wears me out). 

 I do lists though, and they're in circles. Not figuratively, just the way I think about them. I keep coming back to them as I go through the day, the week. Ha, sometimes things I have on my list never get done and life goes on! They don't have to have specific time-tables (they just get done when they're supposed to get done, or not and I suffer the consequences).

 But, I'm driven. Very driven.

I'm driven by dreams. Big dreams, little dreams. Some might call my dreams passions, desires, ambitions, purpose.

To me though, they're Dreams. I'm driven by my dreams and I put them to the test, every day. Those goal things, they just get accomplished along the way as I grow into my dreams.

Dreams I've had and gotten, I wasn't big enough to get them when they first became dreams. But I grew into them. There've been some lost because I quit growing. The growing stopped when I quit dreaming, and wasn't big enough...I needed to grow through my lid and didn't. Gulp.

I've got some dreams now that I need to grow into because I'm not big enough right now. LOL, yes..physically, but not mentally , emotionally and spiritually.

I need to grow in my TASKS. How I spend my Time, change my Attitude, improve my Skills, increase (or uncover) my Knowledge and develop my Style.

And it's all fueled by dreams.

BHADs. Big Holy Audacious Dreams.

To that end.....make it a GREAT day.