Perceived Threats

I hear some things and they just CLICK. They fall instantly in place. Click - A perfect fit.

That's the sound I heard when mentor Ed DeCosta talked recently about selling and "perceived threats."

Click. Wow. Powerful.

He pointed out that when we're selling people have their defenses up. They know we're trying to get money and that in itself is reason to feel the threat. But there are other factors going on.

Practice what you preach

What, trouble practicing what you preach?
- Cathy Smith

That was her response to something I said. I don't remember what she was answering, but I do remember thinking "huh?"

This morning though, in a bit of frustration, I remembered her comment and then what I'd taught (preached?) in a class

When you're frustrated, stop and back-up into confusion

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Danny L. Smith

"Continuously successful people build themselves ahead of their business."

Staying on Purpose (a past post that still applies)

        Do you think back? A bit of reflecting and I came across this July, 2010, post. 
It still applies.....

Staying on purpose is hard to do in this age of emails, blogs, Google and Wikipedia. I remember when the fax machine relieved stress, but now, we all want what we want and we want it....NOW.

Critical Choice #5

You've got to choose to have the right support and higher expertise
- Choice #2

Having the right support includes being accountable to the right person. Accountability is a strange discipline. Having the RIGHT accountability is a matter of respect and trust in the accountability "role." The role is held by someone that cares for you and is truly interested in helping you raise your lid.

Critical Choice #4

You've got to choose to have a Robust Evaluation and Correction System
- Critical Choice #3

Every morning, this is the robust part (every morning), I spend 2-5 minutes looking back through yesterday's emails, phone history, calendar and 6 thing list (part of the system). The purpose is to think about what I did, didn't do and the results.

I always intend this to be a quick and painless process, but it's not always.