Following "THRU" on the Handshakes - Part 3

This is part 3 in a series to Stop-Wasting-Handshakes (click for Part 1 and Part 2). Remember, this is a process you can control.

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A  p r o c e s s  Y O U  c o n t r o l !

Got it?! I want to make that clear....we can only hold ourselves accountable (see QBQ) and we can only control what we can control. I can't control you reading this blog. I can't control you responding to my emails, requests for meetings, etc. I CAN control sending you emails, how many and how oftern, connecting with you on social media, commenting on LinkedIn discussions, sharing your posts on Twitter, etc; or not...I can control NOT doing any of that. Not following-thru would be wasting the initial handshake.

I can control asking to connect with you on LinkedIn and Google+ and following you on Twitter. I can control signing-up for your blog posts and/or newsletter (if you have either). I can't control you signing-up for mine. But I can control giving away information that you might find useful to help you build more relationships and close more business.

Next step: Stick out your hand again by offering to connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube....OR Facebook. Notice I said "or." This is not the time to connect on more than one. If you're already connected on one of these, then go to the next.

But  s p a c e  the connects out. Don't try to do all this too close together.

Your timeline is now 5-7 days, or more out since your initial handshake. The handshakes since then have been all electronic and you've likely initiated them.

If you've received responses back, that's great and this allows you to in return respond yourself. Treat those responses as another handshake and allow more time before you initiate the next handshake.

To that end....keep extending your hand

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