From guest blogger Steve Heston:

Broke a shoelace at the Milwaukee Airport at 7:30 AM today.

Went to the shoeshine guy to buy a replacement. "Can't sell shoelaces," said the SHOE shine guy. "They don't want us to compete with the gift shops."

Went to the gift shop. (Are shoelaces a good gift, and I just missed that?) "We don't sell shoelaces," the lady said.

So, I walked, slowly, to my flight to Minneapolis. Then, upon arriving at MSP, I walked, slowly, to the shoe shine guy. "Can't sell shoelaces," said the second SHOE shine guy of the day. "They don't want us to compete with the retail shops."

You guessed it. Five shops. No shoelaces.

You can't make this stuff up.

Steve is an executive at Axciom Corporation and a frequent guest blogger at In-the-Box Thinking.

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