Trust. What Does It Mean to Sales, to Conflict, to Followership?

One of my "daylies" is to think about the recent past and what sticks out at me about meetings, appointments, conversations, etc, etc. I'll then right down those thoughts and compare to any notes; typically this takes 3-5 minutes and I move on. Ever so often, something causes me to pause and dig deeper.

This morning was one of those ever so oftens. My thoughts kept running to sales, conflict, sales, following, sales, conflict...

For whatever its worth, those thoughts led me to this video about trust. I first saw it almost 3 years ago when I was going through Covey's Speed of Trust train the trainer in DC. Let me know what you think.


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Blair Evan Ball said...

Trust is at the very core of selling. When products or services are over promised and under delivered it is natural for people to become skeptical. Waves of trust may define a logical progression, however people want results. Focus on the steps to achieve results through the process. That in turn will enhance credibility and improve trust.