Your "Level" of Leadership

Levels of leadership has come up regularly in coaching sessions.

Since our ability to get good results depends upon other people, understanding how you are leading others important.

A few quick notes about Level 1 (Position) and the corresponding chart below for now -
  • a new manager will always start out at Level #1.
  • new employees to a team or organization will treat everyone else at Level #1.
  • Level #1, as described in the chart, is the Position level. You have a position, and maybe a "title," so people with follow you accordingly.
  • If you've worked with someone before and they had a good experience and/or results, you could start out WITH THAT PERSON at a high level. But don't expect to stay there if you don't perform well.

Five Levels of Leadership is from John Maxwell’s collection of writings on leadership. Originally it was published in the book The 21 Most Important Minutes in a Leaders Day. Maxwell’s new book The Five Levels of Leadership will be published in Fall, 2011.

Learn what it means to work with different people at varying levels of leadership. You can do this by reading up on the subject, acknowledging the levels in your current relationships (up, down and around) and practicing the levels yourself.

To that end....

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