Reading "Shrewd and Innocent" by Steve Collier - the Intro

Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Jesus in Matthew 10:16

It's Spring Break week in my part of the world and many of my clients have taken the week off. Thus, I'm attempting to take a breather from the norm, not going on vacation, but hoping to get some things done that have been pestering me for a while.

But, if I were going on vacation, I'd read a good book or two. So pretending a bit I am (on vacation) I'm embarking on a book from my "got-to-read" stack; Shrewd and Innocent by Steve Collier.

Steve is an architect by trade and was recruited, as a running back, by Texas, the same year as Earl Campbell.

Couple the author's background with the title of Shrewd and Innocent and I'm expecting a very purposeful trip this week.

Expect, and work at, a good week!

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