Processes, Technical, Do-This/Do-That, Don't-Do-This/Don't-Do-That

I follow a lot of people on Twitter, get a few daily newsletters, and pay attention pretty well to current and historical events. Well, not so much current as historical.

How many new list and ways of doing things can we come up with though? Really...does a new gadget or way of doing things really work, or is it just a way of getting on to something new and not getting better at the basics?
And the blame! Whoa, how did blaming someone else become a marketing technique? And speaking of marketing techniques, how did a competitors problems become your competitive advantage?

We hear about leadership this, lead with....., be a leader, do this, don't do that. Buy this thing, don't buy this one. Run this program, install this ap.

But......we'd better learn how to be better followers first. We'd better improve ourselves; our own talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge and styles.

Look at your history and really good authors have been writing and pounding this into us for centuries and we keep trying to come up with something new widget, list or way.

Years ago I harped about high touch before high tech. I wanted to be able to do something well by hand before adding a money and technology to the fray.

Today, I'm going to pay attention to being a better ME. I'm going to pay attention to enhancing my strengths. I'm going to pay attention to what I have influence over and not some far fetched issue in another country or my state capital. Am I concerned, do I pray about those problems? Sure. But I can't do anything personally and why get all wrapped up in it?

Just be a better me and be prepared for the path.

To that end....

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