Staying on Purpose - A Daily Marketing Plan

Looking over my shoulder and reviewing the day's events (I visualize myself turning my head)....I see I accomplished some of what I'd intended, but not near everything. Part of the start to my day is reviewing my marketing plan, evaluating and making any changes and focusing on the main event.

My personality is high D/I (from the DISC assessment) which means I have great intentions and will set out to accomplish something, even if it's wrong (D), but I can sure get distracted (I) by texts, people calling, a new idea (brainstorm), shiny objects....(oh look at that kitty). It really is amazing that I get anything done while at the same time I continue to be dumbfounded by the fact it happend AGAIN!

So, what I try to do is add a little "C" to the mix and use technology, coaching, daily written marketing plan and written lists (Cs have to write it down) to my daily activities. When that fails, I revert to coaching I'v had (and what I coach others on) throw in some exagerated "S" and just stop what I'm doing, pray for patience, and even lie down until the anxiety goes away (seriously).

Focus...focus. About the marketing plan (which is part of my list), here's some quick steps I'll use writing my plan for today;

1. what is the purpose of today's plan? What is it I'm attempting to accomplish with what I do?
2. remember the benefits of the service and product I'm selling (I'm assuming I've already determined what the buyer will get out of my products and service - how it benefits them)
3. who is my targeted audience today?
4. how am I going to set myself apart from my competition today?
5. what marketing weapons am I going to use today?
6. what is my "identity" today? What "adjectives" best describe you? (this needs to be consistent, BUT you can improve your identify)
7. what is my budget today?
8. How did yesterday's marketing plan work out? What can I improve on?

This marketing plan/list is really a circle of 8 things I intend to come back to everyday as I work towards short and long-term goals.

We are all geared differently, but so much the same. Understand where you are right now and where you want to go. Then add in the middle to help to get the results.

To that end.....try out this daily exercise and let me know how it works.

Danny Smith

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