When is go-with-the-flow nothing but trivia?

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely
loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.
- Robert Heinlein

How do you work your daily routines? The planned and not planned events of your day? Do you plan, set goals and prepare for changes? Or, are you in the more common camp of “go-with-the-flow.”

I call this the “ready-shoot-aim” method and actually know a few people who seem to do well in spite of themselves. That doesn’t work for most of us though.

To be effective, we know we need goals and a plan of action, but we’ve set and missed so many that it’s gotten us down and we’re scared to set them again. In default we’ve taken to the go-with-the-flow or ready-shoot-aim methods and we’ve failed.

Experts say that by far the #1 reason goals are NOT achieved is this..

People set goals that aren't capable of achieving.

Without belaboring that point, to set and achieve goals properly you can use the TASKS-Based Goal Setting method. TASKS stands for Time, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and Style.

In order to achieve a goal you must align the goal with your capabilities. Your capabilities is made up of your time, attitude, skill, knowledge and style.

Here's a simple way to practice task-based goal setting -
  1. Set long-term goals
  2. Set short-term goals that step into your long-term
  3. Set daily goals that step into your short-term
  4. Evaluate and correct (learn) the time, attitude, skill, knowledge and style you'll need to accomplish each of your goals (daily, short and long-term)
  5. Increase your capabilities one-day-at-a-time to achieve the daily and short-term goals
  6. Evaluate and correct your goals on a continuous basis.
Goals must be "living documents." Life will get in the way and you will not achieve many of your goals. You must be in a constant practice of evaluating, correcting and re-implementing the goal setting process.

To that end......

Danny L. Smith

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