#RoadToThinkingWell - 4

Every problem introduces a person to himself 
- John McDonnell

This is the 4th post on my current try at 15 days of 15 minutes per day on the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I say current because I'll likely take another stab at it in a few weeks.

I didn't spend 15 minutes every day but I did think everyday about the laws. During this time I've been leading 4 five week mastermind groups on the book, so it'd be hard not to think about the laws.

It's been good. Real good. Today's the 14th day, and have focused tonight on  The Law of Design. In particular,

  • systems
  • thinking new systems
  • thinking about refining existing systems
  • what's working
  • what's not working
One system I started a few weeks ago that's really working is better use of my calendar and reminders. I've become a bit of a fanatic about putting even the most mundane things-to-do on my calendar. And recurrences...I've come to enjoy setting recurrences.

Maxwell, as always, gives application assignments at the end of each chapter. The assignments usually draws the reader to ask questions of his intent and purpose. Those at the end The Law of Design are especially powerful, or at least I thought so.

Here's two tests John recommends to ensure your systems aren't too complicated - explain the system to a friend ...

1. can it be explained clearly?
2. does the friend know of a better or simpler way of achieving the same goal?

To that end....

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