Following to Lead Well

The Position Myth: "I can't lead if I am not at the top."
- John Maxwell in The 360 Degree Leader

Just a quick note this morning to remind those that follow this blog that in order to be a great leader...
  • you have to have great followers
  • you have to be a great follower

I've recently changed companies to join a team at US Home Loans. Our Mission Statement says -

Our goal is to be the lender of choice for the professional real estate agent and their clients in each market we enter as measured by all industry service level surveys reported. We will succeed by meeting the needs of our borrowers through exceptional communication and transparency throughout the loan process and conducting our business with absolute integrity.

US Homeloans' people will be the source of our competitive advantage. We will distinguish ourselves by creating an environment that fosters teamwork and innovation. We will utilize our employee's abilities to the fullest while at the same time treating each other with respect and dignity.

My ability to achieve this Mission Statement, my role as a Loan Officer / Trainer / Speaker / Coach, my success, my impact, is dependent upon how well I lead up, down, and around. My positive impact is dependent upon my role as a follower as much as a leader.

Something to think about:

  • learn to follow well.
  • recognize who are you following.
  • recognize who is following you - are you following their leads?
  • recognize strengths, weaknesses, interests and opportunities of yourself those around you.
We'll all be a much better leader as we learn to follow well.

To that end...

Danny Smith
Mortgage Loan Officer
Speaker, Trainer, Coach

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