What to do when goal setting doesn't work - Part 3

Putting my thoughts and practices about goal setting into writing hasn't been easy! Especially since I really can't stand "goal-setting." 

But, as we all (should) know, goal-setting works. For me, it's the small goals, the things-I-get-done-today that is the most important. Not tomorrow (there's a Bible verse about that). Not yesterday (other than a quick review, evaluation and correction). 

It would be sad to not have a memory of our failures. We (should) learn from our failures. History tends to repeat itself in our own lives. I'm thinking about the movie "Groundhog Day," the Bible verses around "there's nothing new under the sun" and the entire theory Einstein and Edison proposed in "it's always been here."

Goal setting. What do I do when goal-setting-doesn't-work?

I dream, and I hope. This morning I wrote out questions like "I hope to get my blog post on goal setting, part 3, done today," and "I hope to get my list of loan officers to call tomorrow completed today," and "I hope......." These are all "hopes" around things I want to do today, a couple of them are left over from yesterday.

I hope for these things (goals), because I dream. 

I dream because I have ideas and ideas are God given thoughts. Yes, there're thoughts that aren't God given, that didn't come from being created in His image. But the good ones, I believe they're from him and when I think about that, it changes everything. I know I've missed a lot of opportunities because I wasn't prepared (luck=when opportunity meets preparedness) and I want to be prepared. 

That's the game changer. Ideas, then dreams, then goals, then hope. Then a regular rhythm of evaluation and correction around the synonym TASKS. All this combined with IMPACT.

Intention, Motivation, People, Action, Commitment and Trust.

To that end....I didn't say this was easy, but it works for me and if it was easy.....you know, everyone would be doing it.

Let's start something! Seriously. 

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