Using The Law of Process to achieve goals

Why do many goals never come about and others not sustain? 

In our lunch and learn this week we'll begin a series to dig into this matter. Every goal starts with an idea and any idea that's different from what we've accomplished in the past is in conflict with what our subconscious believes to be our reality. And there the trouble begins. 

Today, as I work on my goals, I'll ask myself the following questions - 

How much Time am I devoting to its accomplishment?

What Attitude do I have about the goal and all it'll take to achieve it?

Skills. What Skills do I need to get it done? Should I engage others who are better suited to help me? What can I do to improve my Inner Circle so I can make a better difference?

What Knowledge do I have that I'm not aware of that I can use to help with this goal? How can I better use the Knowledge I have?

My Style. How can I improve my Style? What's strengths do I have that I'm not using? What weaknesses am I dwelling on that I need to solicit help with?

Notice the "what" and "how" questions focused on "I" (from the book 'QBQ: Personal Accountability') and the Evaluation, that hopefully leads to Correction and Reimplementation,  around the acronym T.A.S.K.S. 

These same questions I asked as I look back at yesterday's goals and notice those I accomplished, or not. There's a direct correlation to this T.A.S.K.S. 

and HOPE. As John Maxwell says in his book "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn," - having Hope gives you a sense if Victory rather that defeat, it Energizes you rather than drains you, you look for ways to get things done rather than excuses. 

Today, it's a new day and to that end.....

Let's Start Something!

Danny L. Smith

"The top 1% of successful entrepreneurs build themselves ahead of their business."

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