What to do when goal setting doesn't work - Part 2

I love to start things, to come up with new ideas and think into the results I want from those ideas, these "dreams." 

Finishing. I like finishing also. Finishing gives me a sense of relief and energy and satisfaction. It's all that stuff in the middle that gives me problems. I don't do that well at all and regularly have to start getting things done in the middle.

In the previous post I mention the acronym is T.A.S.K.S; Time, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and Style.

Every morning, I write down 6 major things I want to accomplish today. Every morning I look at yesterday's 6 things and if I didn't get something done, I quickly ask myself "what" and "how" questions around Time, Attitude, Skill, Knowledge and Style. Example..

- What time could I have taken from something else to get that done 
- How was my Attitude about getting it done?
- What Skills and Knowledge do I have, or not have, to get it done? How could I use someone else's Skill or Knowledge (delegate)?
- How does my Style (strengths, weaknesses, personality) lend itself to getting this thing done?

What do I need to improve? How can I go about getting it done another way? What part of TASKS are inhibiting me from getting this done?

No matter what you call these things you want to get done, they’re accomplishment is directly impacted by your Time, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Style. In part, Stephen M.R. Covey describes this as your capabilities.

Think back to the goals you wanted to achieve last year. Your accomplishments, or not, were directly impacted by your T.A.S.K.S. Accomplishments around new “things” you want to accomplish are directly impacted by the time you put in, your attitude, your skills, your knowledge and your style.

In our next post, we’ll bring this home and add an element that might surprise you; the strategies clarifying the goal, Growth and Hope.

To that end………….

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