Three questions people are asking about you

You can't make the other fellow feel important in
your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.
- Les Giblin, former National Salesman of the Year

In the critical read Everyone Communicates, Few Connect author and leadership expert John Maxwell tells the reader (pages 37 to 42)...

"You must be able to communicate that attitude of selflessness. How do you do that? I believe you do it by answering three questions that people always ask themselves when interacting with others.....
1. Do you care for me?
2. Can you help me?
3. Can I trust you?"

The next time you're talking/prospecting/networking, or being talked to, prospected or networked......well, think about these three questions.
Don't we all want to be cared for, helped and trusted?
To that end....start something new today. Start caring, helping and building trust at a new level and feel the communication move into connection.

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