Trouble remembering names? Try this...

I didn't say repetition, I said SPACED repetition

Do you have trouble putting faces to the business cards you collect on your rounds each day? Or do you just not remember meeting people?

Shameful. You're wasting handshakes.

A good follow-up system will help you remember names.

Over the 2-3 weeks after meeting people -
  • find a picture of the person on Internet...remember now what they look like?
  • send a thank you for meeting them
  • send a note asking for their Twitter, Facebook (yes FB is allowable for business) and LinkedIn names -I know, you can search for the name but that isn't the point...the point is connecting
  • connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, FB
Treat this like dating...don't stalk. Give the person time to respond...the key is not repetition, but spaced repetition (see the book Know-Can-Do for a great story on this reasoning).

To that end...stop wasting handshakes

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