Staying connected to my works for good!

Stay connected to your confusion and discover your why. Most
people let confusion lead to frustration and then they quit. Move
from confusion to discovery and curiosity....Explore.

Last December I wrote about staying connected to my confusion and discovering my why. This came about after hearing Paul Martenelli talk about the difference between confusion and frustration.

At the time I was writing about my marketing strategy, but since I've used this "discipline" in other areas also...

Don't let confusion turn to frustration.
If you do, you'll quit.

Stay connected to your confusion
get creative and discover your why.
I use the word discipline because my friend and coach Scott Carley insists "discipline" takes a lot of energy, and this has. But it's been a good exercise and I'm learning, growing and getting a better grip on at least a couple of "whys." I suppose some new habits will replace old/bad ones and thus...better results.
To that end..... 

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