Top 11 Characteristics of a Great Teambuilder

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie

Building a highly functioning team takes effort and discernment. Great managers and leaders know they will either live or die by how well their teams function as individuals and a group.

Here are the Top 11 Characteristics (think of them in a never ending circle) -

(this was originally a Top 10 list but has been accurately ammended!)
  • Great Team Builders have and continue to express a very clear vision and expectations of themselves and their team
  • Great Team Builders have one set of rules for everyone including themselves
  • Great Team Members hire the right people, put them in the right place and train them continuously
  • Great Team Builders delegate and enable team members to succeed, develop and deliver the results
  • Great Team Builders build trust through a robust evaluation and correction system
  • Great Team Builders enhances the relationship with everyone on the team and clients by seeking clarity through what and how questions
  • Great Team Builders build teams that give open and honest feed-back with each other and the team leader
  • Great Team Builders hold themselves accountable and blame no one including themselves for failures
  • Great Team Builders uses various resources to uncover blind spots
  • Great Team Builders are always pushing themselves and their team to get better
  • Great Team Builders catches team members in random acts of doing things well
Great teams are built because they've replaced or fixed the missing and broken links of poor followers, blind spots and continuously changed learners.

But it takes purpose. Put the pieces together and be purposeful with your passion and people.

To that end.....

Great Team Building is a CHOICE.



Anonymous said...

I subscribed to your blog about 3 weeks ago and also follow you on LinkedIn.

You seem to be focused on the mortgage industry? Is that correct?

If so, can you elaborate on this teambuilding thing from a loan officer's point-of-view?


DannyLSmith said...

Good morning Darren.

Thanks for such a quick read and question.

Yes, I do focus a lot of my attention "on" the mortgage business. This is due to my 26 or so years "in" the business as a loan officer, processor, wholesale and retail branch manager and company owner.

As to the LO's point-of-view; there is very little I write that is NOT from your perspective (I'm assuming you are an LO).

I'm a licensed (inactive) loan officer and talk to 3-5 loan officers a day about some aspect of their business and much of the content for my blog is driven by those conversations.

You've got me thinking and I will post another blog article later today/tonight to more specifically relate this post to Loan Officers.

Thanks Darren.

DannyLSmith said...

Good evening Darren. I promise to get to your question in Thursday's blog....more calls on Wednesday than I'd expected!