Hidden Agendas

I received an email yesterday morning from our Neighborhood Group; not an association because it is an informal entity. There is an issue with a piece of property being sold and will be used for what appears to be non-allowable purposes (according to deed restrictions).

The first few emails were intended to alert people of the pending sale and the email and phone numbers of the parties involved, along with an urge for all of us (50 or so) to call and email.

Personally, I felt there are some questions that needed to be asked, and answered, about the sale, how it violates the deed restrictions etc. So, I asked those involved to explain some things, including how the deed restrictions would be violated.

I clarified that I was simply asking questions and appreciated the dialog.

Wow. What a bunch of spin. I can only imagine the hidden agendas when people aren't willing to be transparent and just answer questions. I've been ignored, accused of not wanting to follow the deed restrictions myself, and even asked why I moved here 12 years ago if I didn't like the deed restrictions.

Ha. Obviously, some  didn't want to explain anything, only spin a bunch of others up to fight for them.

Trust but verify Mr. Reagan said. Sometimes that's hard to do when others won't answer your questions.

So...don't trust 'em.

K. I can do that.

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