Press Release – Nationwide study on common traits of Top Producing Loan Officers

AUSTIN, Texas (September 20, 2010) – MuRF Systems, Inc. has selected In-the-Box Development and Danny Smith to manage their nationwide Mortgage Loan Officer SMARTS project. In-the-Box Development/Danny Smith will be working with leders nationwide in the selection of 125 career loan officers to participate in the control group. From this control group, MuRF will develop the Mortgage Loan Officer Sales Marketing and Representative Traits Survey (MLO SMARTS).

“I have been using assessments for 15 years to help build profitable and well-functioning teams that enjoy working together,” said Danny Smith. “In 1992 I started looking at commonalities in loan officers and using assessments in 1995 to help pinpoint what made a good loan officer and what made an average loan officer better. This is going to be an incredible experience and I look forward to the end result and how we’ll use the MLO SMARTS to improve funding levels, teamwork, and have some fun along the way.”

MuRF Systems, Inc is an industry leader in organizational and people development with more than 30 years of research backing up its tools. In-the-Box Development is owned and operated by Danny L. Smith. Danny has 26 years experience in mortgage lending with 15 years of specific experience building high producing retail and wholesale loan production teams.

With the use of the MLO SMARTS, mortgage companies will have a pre- and post- hiring tool to assist in obtaining their best loan funding volumes. The MLO SMARTS tool will benchmark existing and candidate mortgage loan officers against the commonalities of top producers and places the individual into one of three categories. The employer will then have additional information to assist in the hiring of the individual and/or giving developmental suggestions for improving the skill level of individuals in loan origination roles.

Inquiries into this limited participation project are welcome. Loan officers and managers that have loan officers they would like to be part of the control group should contact Danny Smith at or 512-773-6528.


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