Book of The Month: "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat" by John Ortberg

I'm going back to my book of the month, but with a twist. Instead of writing a review of the book at month's end. I'll write a review of the chapters as I go and post weekly . Hopefully, this will keep me focused to read it methodically over the entire month, and break the reviews up into a more managable read.

In this blog, I'll hit highlights my highlights. Meaning, a more expanded version of my notes and highlights can be found by going to my reading blog (click).

From the Preface -  There is a consistent pattern in Scripture of what happens in a life that God wants to use and improve; There is always a call / There is always fear / There is always reassurance / There is always a decision / There is always a changed life

Chapter 1; On Water Walking - Chapter's highlight (for me). Fear and being wishy-washy. Why do we not get out of the boat? For me it is fear. Fear and being unsure of God's path for me. The part about "faith or foolishness" hit home. Sometimes I don't do something I want to do because I'm afraid I'm being reckless or foolish; is this really God telling me to do something or is it just my emotions. Or, I do it but keep second guessing myself, and leaving myself a back door, or a window slightly cracked; in other words, lack of commitment.

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