Credibility Core #3 - Capabilities

To establish and maintain trust in today's world all parties will be checked off on his/her capabilities. Trustworthy people are capable of doing their job well, are credible, and inspire trust. A person can have all the other three cores, but without being capable, he/she will fail and inspiring trust.

Covey suggest the acronym T.A.S.K.S. to help guide you in defining the capabilities in yourself and otheers -

Talents: our natural gifts and strengths
Attitude: our paradigms - our ways of seeing, as well as our ways of being
Skills: our proficiencies, the things we can do well.
Knowledge: our learning, insight, understanding, and awareness
Style: our unique approach and personality

As you review these 5 areas in your life, and the life of others, think about how your beliefs and behaviors might be redirected in how you trust, or don't trust, someone.

Practicing this discipline will help you in your relationships.

To that end...

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