There's them dang roadblocks

Why is sustainable influence such a strange and elusive event?

Pure and simple....roadblocks, and/or blindspots. There's them there things that get in the way.

Here's 22 Roadblocks that's keeping you from being a better influence:

1. Lack of understanding of differences and similarities in leadership, marketing and sales (marketing is everything you do before and after getting the check, sales is getting the check....leadership is how you do everything).
2. Uncertainty regarding next steps.
3. Difficulty maintaining momentum (system?).
4. Difficulty following-up with clients (you need a system).
5. You don't know your Competitive Advantages (and/or you talk about your competitor's disadvantages....bad. Always bad).
6. Behavioral Characteristics (see this link).
7. Procrastination (a most deadly enemy).
8. Lack of comfort charging for one’s services (stop it).
9. Not knowing how to ask for business (no comment).
10. Perfectionism or Getting ready-to-get-ready (anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well).
11. Unclear where to execute next (systems and processes will fix this).
12. Fear of not being successful, or being too successful (seriously!).
13. Lack of systems (even the most basic will make a difference).
14. Unsure about your own strengths and weaknesses (at least take a DISC test).
15. Not knowing how to talk about you business (now how to tell your story).
16. Inability to deal with rejection (NEXT!).
17. Absence of methods, skills, approaches for working with clients (T.A.S.K.S...time, attitude, skill, knowledge and style).
18. Need a better.....something. You want something you don't have that will help you do your job (computer, pick. (read QBQ by John Miller) .
19. Difficulty balancing service delivery with marketing...remember, Service IS your #1 marketing weapon...if you're not delivering good service and you're spending time marketing (or selling), you're going out-of-business
20. Absence of short-term/daily goals and a system for accountability.  
21. Lack of a written Marketing Plan of Action.
22. Lack of a Marketing Calendar.

To that end........


Roy said...

I understand getting past roadblocks - but how does one find one's own blind spots?

For example, #10 - how do you determine the point where "Getting Ready" becomes "Getting Ready to Get Ready"? And if something is worth doing, isn't it worth doing well? Won't doing it poorly start to reflect on your service delivery?

DannyLSmith said...

Hey Roy: thanks for commenting and it was exciting to see your name....I miss your editing!

I remember the difference between Blind Spots and Roadblock in this way; blind spots are blind spots because I can't see them from where I'm at...they're blocked from my view. Normally, they have to be pointed out by someone else or, in some cases, maybe an assessment. An exception to having someone/thing else make me aware of Blind Spots would be during some intense periods of journaling and really searching matters out, asking questions and more questions until I start to uncover some things. Maslow said "it's not what we don't know that's most dangerous. What's most dangerous is what we know but not aware of."

DannyLSmith said...

Your 2nd question about "Getting Ready..."

Getting ready should be short and sweet. "When opportunities come up, it's too late to prepare."

DannyLSmith said...

My thoughts on your 3rd question shadow, in part, the answer to #2.

But also, you can't do anything well without doing it.

You can't evaluate and correct and non-event.

Successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly; they've developed that habit through purposeful choices and a LOT of evaluation and correction.

Let's have some Whataburger pancakes again! See you.

Anonymous said...
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